Agassiz Town
Agassiz Town
Special features

Secret Base, Sassy Nature Changer, Custom Move Tutor


HM01 Cut, TM21 Frustration, Machete,
Ancient Tome, TM43 Secret Power,
TM80 Rock Slide

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades

Sandshrew -> Surskit


Rock-type gym

Connected areas

Route 308.5, Route 309, Psychic Temple

Perpetually obscured by a sandstorm, Agassiz is a desert town connected by Route 308.5 to the north, Route 309 to the west, and the Psychic Temple in the middle of town. It's the location of the Secret Base as well as the third gym.


Upon entering town the player comes across a cutscene involving Jake and a Team Asgard/Olympus Commander. Once the cutscene completes, the player must battle Jake. Defeating Jake earns the player the HM for Cut as well as safe passage into the heart of Agassiz Town.

Because the gym is currently inaccessible, the player must complete the Psychic Temple before gaining access to the gym.

Even after defeating the gym the player will still be unable to access Route 309. The player must travel back to Fianga City where they will now be able to use Cut to access the gym. Once the Fianga Gym has been cleared, the player will be able to continue on their journey by entering Route 309.

Before completing the events in Agassiz Town the player should travel to the northeastern part of town where they will be able to access their Secret Base for the first time. Also, a Black Belt claims to be able to teach the player's Pokémon Mega Punch or Mega Kick, however neither of these moves appear to be compatible even with the Pokémon that learn them through level up.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Normaltm HM01 Cut Reward for defeating Jake at the entrance to Agassiz Town
Item566 Ancient Tome Inside of the TV in the house with the Linoone
Normaltm TM21 Frustration Inside of the house directly to the southeast of the Pokémart
Normaltm TM43 Secret Power Given by a man fleeing the Secret Base in the northeast of town
Rocktm TM80 Rock Slide Reward for defeating Jonathan at the Agassiz Town Gym
Machete Machete Upper left-hand side of town. This requires the player to walk around the entire town through an opening to the right of the entrance to the Secret Base. Note that a rock is blocking this path until the player completes the Agassiz Gym.

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
283 Surskit Traded for a Sandshrew in the house to the northwest of the Psychic Temple

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
027 Sandshrew Z O 15 Three

Special FeaturesEdit

Secret BaseEdit

In the northeastern part of town the player will be able to gain access to their Secret Base as well as obtain TM43, which will allow them to access alternate entrances to the Secret Base all across the region. Note that if the player has enough money they will be able to upgrade their entire Secret Base once, but will not be able to do so again until reaching the Aroma Region.

Custom Move TutorEdit

Inside of the Pokémon Center, the player will be able to teach any of their Pokémon a move from the Custom Move Tutor. Although it costs PokémonDollar5000 to teach the move to each Pokémon, changing the type and/or name is completely free of charge.

Sassy Nature ChangerEdit

In the house directly south of the Agassiz Town Gym, the player will encounter a Nature Changer capable of changing the selected Pokémon's nature to Sassy. Beware that this can only be done once.

Rival JakeEdit


Rival Jake

If the player chose BellsproutEdit

Pokémon Level Moves Item
253Grovyle 23 Brick Break Quick Attack Screech Absorb
304Aron 23 Take Down Iron Defense Metal Claw Mud Slap
559Scraggy 24 Payback Brick Break Swagger Sand-Attack
126Magmar 25 Clear Smog Flame Burst Faint Attack SmokeScreen
Reward: PokémonDollar1600, Normaltm HM01 Cut

If the player chose HorseaEdit





159Croconaw 23 Ice Fang Bite Water Gun Dragon Claw
304Aron 23 Take Down Iron Defense Metal Claw Mud Slap
559Scraggy 24 Payback Brick Break Swagger Sand-Attack
070Weepinbell 25 Vine Whip Poison Powder Acid Growth

Reward: PokémonDollar1600, Normaltm HM01 Cut

If the player chose MagbyEdit





005Charmeleon 23 Dragon Claw Fire Fang SmokeScreen Scary Face
304Aron 23 Take Down Iron Defense Metal Claw Mud Slap
559Scraggy 24 Payback Brick Break Swagger Sand-Attack
117Seadra 25 SmokeScreen BubbleBeam Agility Water Gun

Reward: PokémonDollar1600, Normaltm HM01 Cut

Agassiz Town GymEdit

The Agassiz Gym is a Rock-type gym, so bring Water-, Grass-, Fighting-, Steel- or Ground-types for an advantage. There's a sandstorm inside so the Go-Goggles should prove useful.  To get to Jonathan the player must push the boulders aside and fight the gym trainers to make a path over the sand.

Gym TrainersEdit

Trainer Pokémon Level

Hiker Timothy

337 Lunatone 24
075 Graveler 25
338 Solrock 24
Rewards: PokémonDollar800
Trainer Pokémon Level

Hiker Falkreath

140 Kabuto 24
138 Omanyte 25
345 Lileep 26
Rewards: PokémonDollar832
Trainer Pokémon Level

Hiker Solitude

410 Shieldon 25
095 Onix 27
142 Aerodactyl 26
Rewards: PokémonDollar864

Gym Leader JonathanEdit



Items: 1x Super Potion, 1x Hyper Potion
Pokémon Level Moves
111Rhyhorn 27 Fury Attack Stomp Scary Face Horn Attack
075Graveler 28 Rollout Earthquake Magnitude Rock Blast
095Onix 27 Smack Down Rock Throw Rock Tomb Tackle
246Larvitar 28 Superpower Crunch Stone Edge Earthquake
Reward: PokémonDollar2800, Diamond Badge Diamond Badge, Rocktm TM80 Rock Slide


  • Agassiz Town is named after Lake Agassiz
  • Two of the trainers in the Agassiz Town Gym, Falkreath and Solitude, are named after hold capitals in Skyrim, the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series.
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