Andromeda City
Andromeda City
Special features

Shadow Pokémon


TM85 Dream Eater, 3x Rare Candy, TM126 Spikes

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades

0 Speed IV -> Binacle


Ground-type Gym

Connected areas

Quake Desert, Andromeda Mines

Andromeda City is located directly above the Quake Desert. Although the areas around it are subjected to earthquakes when the player first visits, the city itself is spared from this crisis taking place in the Andromeda Mines.


There are two key points of interest to the story that take place in Andromeda City. Firstly, the situation surrounding the earthquakes wreaking havoc on the surrounding area is to be dealt with by entering the Andromeda Mines, but only if the player has taken care of the events inside of the Quake Catacombs first.

Once the player has assisted Moss in dealing with the rampaging Steelix, she will return to her gym, where the player will be able to challenge her for the Quake Badge. With this badge obtained the player may then head back into the Quake Desert and make their way towards Route 3X.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Psychictm TM85 Dream Eater From a Channeler in the house directly to the west of the Pokémon Center (answer "Yes" to her question
Rarecandy Rare Candy (x3) Given by a Pokémaniac wandering around to the southeast of the Andromeda City Gym
TM126 Spikes Reward for defeating Moss at the Andromeda City Gym

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
706 Binacle Traded for a Pokémon with 0 Speed IVs in the house directly above the Andromeda Mines

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
028 Sandslash Z O 23-26  ??%
050 Diglett Z O 33-39  ??%
111 Rhyhorn Z O 33-39  ??%
328 Trapinch Z O 33-39  ??%
449 Hippopotas Z O 33-39  ??%
529 Drilbur Z O 33-39  ??%
551 Sandile Z O 33-39  ??%

Andromeda City GymEdit

Ground-type Gym

The Andromeda City Gym is more daunting in appearance than it is in reality. It is composed of a maze of rocks which simply requires the player to take a left as soon as possible, follow the path along the outer perimeter, and then stop as soon as they are directly below Leader Moss. However, as the player goes about navigating this maze they will also encounter wild Ground-type Pokémon (given above) that cannot be deterred using Repel while also dealing with a sandstorm assuming that they don't use the Go-Goggles ahead of time.

TIP: Lead with a high-leveled Flying-type Pokémon or a Pokémon with the ability Levitate to avoid dealing with Diglett and Trapinch's Arena Trap while wandering around the gym.

TIP: Give some air balloons to your pokémon to avoid the Earthquakes of Moss' pokémon.

While these features can be slightly irritating, there are no trainers to battle along the way to the gym leader.

Gym Leader MossEdit



Pokémon Level Moves Item


43 Ice Shard Earthquake Icicle Spear Stealth Rock Focussash

Focus Sash

530 shadow

Excadrill (Shadow)

40 Shadow Rush None None None None


43 Earthquake Aerial Ace Substitute Roost Toxicorb

Toxic Orb



43 Ice Beam Earth Power Fire Blast Focus Blast Lifeorb

Life Orb


Dugtrio (Mega)

43 Reversal Substitute Earthquake Stone Edge Dugtrinite


43 Toxic Recover Scald Earthquake Leftovers


Reward: PokémonDollar4300, Quake Badge Quake Badge, TM126 Spikes
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