This is the story of the land of Vesryn

Story So Far -thesuzerainEdit

Team Asgard/Olympus, led by Odin/Zeus, are already on the prowl before you first encounter them. They've been interrogating the world's leading scientists and professors trying to figure out a secret lost to the ages.

The ancient legends say Arceus created the world in the depths of the void, before matter itself existed. They say he created Time, Space and Antimatter, and created life to inhabit them all. They say he disappeared and fell into a deep sleep for millions of years.

If Arceus created the world, who maintains it?

Well, unfortunately for us, Team Asgard/Olympus found out, and they will do anything to control it. They began their takeover of the Vesryn Region, methodically taking over every town, starting with the fairly small village of Nyasa.

Your town. Now it's personal.

Your mother is one of the greatest trainers in the region. She single-handedly tamed rare Pokemon and defeated the Elite Four. Under her guidance, you escape Nyasa Town into a small bunker-cave that connects to another town. She explains what's going on, and informs you that there is an emergency stash of Pokemon within the cave. The Professor shows up, and tells her holy-crap-Team-Asgard/Olympus's-here-we-need-your-help, and being the good samitarian she is, she leaves, leaving you to find the emergency Pokemon and make your way to Zarivar Town, where the Professor awaits.