Blackfist City
Blackfist City
Special features

Department Store, Safari Zone, Subway Station


Exp. Share, Poison Gem,
1x Friend Ball OR 1x Quick Ball OR
1x Timer Ball, TM92 Trick Room

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades

Dark->Lapras, Solrock->Pachirisu, Lunatone->Emolga


Psychic-type Gym

Connected areas

Route 315, Route 316, Safari Zone 2, Cephei Town

Blackfist City is broken up into two sections: the actual city itself and the Residential District. The Residential District resides to the south and connects with Route 315 while the city area is connected to Route 316 through a cliff to the northeast and Safari Zone 2 to the north. It is also home to the Blackfist Department Store and the seventh gym of the Vesryn Region. Later on in the game, the player may also take the train to Cephei Town, which is situated in the Aroma Region.


Blackfist City RD

Residental District

Before getting to Blackfist City itself, the player will need to pass through the Residential District by heading east and then north to enter the city area. Upon reaching the city the player encounters 3 potential obstacles.

Firstly, a rock resides in front of the cave on the cliff to the northeast, which prevents the player from progressing upward to Caspian City without finding a way to break the rock. In order to do this, the player needs to go into the Safari Zone and find TM94 Rock Smash. However, in order for the player to be capable of using Rock Smash to begin with, they must acquire the Kinetic Badge from the Blackfist City Gym.

When the player reaches the front doors of the gym in the northwest, another obstacle will present itself to the player: The Gym Leader, Demetri, is not present at his gym at the moment. In order to bring him back to the gym the player must go to the Blackfist Department Store in the southwest of the city and then travel all the way up to the rooftop of the building where they will see Demetri seated at a table. Speaking with him will cause him to return to his gym, which the player will now be able to enter. Once the badge has been earned, the player will be able to continue on their journey northward through Route 316.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Poisongem Poison Gem In the Residential District, held by a Seviper in the house directly south of the entrance to the city
Item566 Ancient Tome Found in the right side of the window in the spinners club house (directly south of the Safari Zone)
Expshare Exp. Share In the Residential District and in the house to the lower right, held by a Bibarel
Friendball Friend Ball Received from a scientist wandering around the city area to the right of the Blackfist Department Store (only one of the three is given)
Quickball Quick Ball
Timerball Timer Ball
Psychictm TM92 Trick Room Reward for defeating Demetri at the Blackfist City Gym
Scizorite Scizorite Located right below Safari Zone 2 (requires Wormhole to access)

Triple Triad CardEdit

A Cool Trainer in a house in the Residential District with 2 Skitty inside will give the player a quiz with a Shuckle Triple Triad Card as a reward. The questions and answers to his quiz can be seen below:

Shuckle Card Quiz
Question Answer
Which team wanted to flood the entire world?

Which team wanted to cover the entire world in fire?

Team Aqua

Team Magma

Which team created Mewtwo by accident? Team Rocket
Which team had a leader named "Proton"? Team Rocket
Which team is commonly known for its use of Pokemon such as Zubat and Koffing? Team Rocket
Which team appeared in the Almia region? Team Dim-Sun

Trainer IDEdit

The Trainer ID for Yogscast Martyn can be obtained by speaking to the blonde inside of a house in the Residential District situated directly east of the entrance to the city. Obtaining this ID also grants the player access to the Simulation Depot Beta in the Wireless Communications Depot in addition to allowing the player to battle Yogscast Martyn at that location.

Department Store ItemsEdit

An unreal selection of items resides in the Blackfist Department Store. Visit the store's main article page to see what items may be of use to the player.

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
417 Pachirisu Residential District: Traded for a Solrock in the house directly to the right of the entrance to Route 315
587 Emolga Residential District: Traded for a Lunatone in the house directly to the right of the entrance to Route 315
131 Lapras Residential District: Traded for any Dark-type Pokémon by a Hiker in the house with two Skitty inside
522 Blitzle Residential District: A Youngster located in a house with a blonde woman will trade it for a Drowzee. (Zeta)
595 Joltik Residential District: A Youngster located in a house with a blonde woman will trade it for an Eelektrik. (Zeta)
217 Ursaring Residential District: A Youngster located in a house with a blonde woman will trade it for a Drifblim. (Zeta)
096 Drowzee

Residential District: The Youngster will trade it for a Blitzle. (Omicron)
603 Eelektrik

Residential District: The Youngster will trade it for a Joltik. (Omicron)
426 Drifblim Residential District: The Youngster will trade it for an Ursaring. (Omicron)

Department Store EggsEdit

The Blackfist Department Store has four different types of eggs that the player can purchase, hatch, and then train as they see fit. See the Department Store's page for more details.

Special FeaturesEdit

Blackfist Department StoreEdit

As mentioned before, Blackfist City is home to a department store where nearly every item imaginable can be obtained. From competitive battling items to healing items, EV reducing Berries, TMs and more, the Blackfist Department Store has something that will interest any trainer.

Safari ZoneEdit

The second Safari Zone of the game resides in Blackfist City. Here the player will be able to obtain various different cave-related Pokémon as well as obtain TM94 Rock Smash and a Legendary Pokémon later in the game.

Subway StationEdit

Though not a point of interest to the player upon first arriving in Blackfist City, after completing the Vesryn Region's plotline the player will be able to take the subway all the way over to Cephei Town in the Aroma Region, where a mysterious plague has started infecting some of the Pokémon in the region. The player will need to leave their Pokémon behind in the Vesryn Region before setting out for the Aroma Region and they will also be unable to access the Vesryn Region's PC until the source of the pandemonium has been nullified.

Blackfist City GymEdit

Psychic-type Gym

Blackfist City Gym is structured a bit like the Cinnabar Gym from FireRed and LeafGreen except that answering the quiz questions given to the player only permits them to continue further into the gym rather than allowing them to bypass the gym's trainers completely. The answers to the quiz questions can be seen below:

Gym Questions
Question Answer
True or False: The Ground type is weak to the Poison type. False
What Pokemon are known as the "Creation Trio?" Dialga, Palkia, Giratina
Which of these Pokemon are in the Smogon "Uber" tier? Excadrill / Blaziken
What is the name of the leader of this Gym? Demetri

Gym TrainersEdit

Trainer Pokémon Level

Psychic Thon

518 Musharna 57
202 Wobbuffet 57
196 Espeon 58
282 Gardevoir 58
Rewards: PokémonDollar1856
Trainer Pokémon Level

Psychic Cissy

326 Grumpig 57
103 Exeggutor 58
437 Bronzong 58
606 Beheeyem 58
Rewards: PokémonDollar1856
Trainer Pokémon Level

Psychic Maximillion

338 Solrock 58
337 Lunatone 58
475 Gallade 58
308 Medicham 58
Rewards: PokémonDollar1856
Trainer Pokémon Level

Psychic Solda

528 Swoobat 58
124 Jynx 59
097 Hypno 57
Rewards: PokémonDollar1888

Gym Leader DemetriEdit



Items: Full Restore x2

Format: Double-Battle

Pokémon Level Moves Items


63 Meteor Mash Reflect Light Screen Zen Headbutt Lightclay

Light Clay



62 Stealth Rock Ice Beam Rapid Spin Earthquake Leftovers




62 Thunder Wave Psychic Thunderbolt Signal Beam Expertbelt

Expert Belt



62 Psyshock Shadow Ball Dark Matter Focus Blast Lifeorb

Life Orb



65 Stored Power Cosmic Power Psycho Shift Roost Flameorb

Flame Orb


Alakazam (Mega)

64 Substitute Signal Beam Psychic Focus Blast Alakazite


Reward: PokémonDollar6500, Kinetic Badge Kinetic Badge, Psychictm TM92 Trick Room


  • Many suggestions have been made about the origin of the name of Blackfist City, but the developer has neither confirmed nor denied them
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