The department store in Blackfist City that sells many standard and rare items for Pokémon trainers.

Floor 1 - LobbyEdit

An NPC behind the desk will welcome you and the old man on the couch will tell you where to find Demitri.

Floor 2 - Trainer's MarketEdit

There are two NPCs who sell goods. 

2nd floor of Blackfist Department Store

Worker 1 sells:

Item Price
Potion Potion PokémonDollar300
Superpotion Super Potion PokémonDollar700
Hyperpotion Hyper Potion PokémonDollar1200
Maxpotion Max Potion PokémonDollar2500
Freshwater Fresh Water PokémonDollar200
Fullrestore Full Restore PokémonDollar3000
Antidote Antidote PokémonDollar100
Parlyzheal Parlyz Heal PokémonDollar200
Burnheal Burn Heal PokémonDollar250
Iceheal Ice Heal PokémonDollar250
Awakening Awakening PokémonDollar250
Fullheal Full Heal PokémonDollar600
Ether Ether PokémonDollar1200
Maxether Max Ether PokémonDollar2000

Worker 2: 

Item Price
Smokeball Smoke Ball PokémonDollar200
Fullincense Full Incense PokémonDollar9600
Laxincense Lax Incense PokémonDollar9600
Luckincense Luck Incense PokémonDollar9600
Oddincense Odd Incense PokémonDollar9600
Pureincense Pure Incense PokémonDollar9600
Rockincense Rock Incense PokémonDollar9600
Roseincense Rose Incense PokémonDollar9600
Seaincense Sea Incense PokémonDollar9600
Waveincense Wave Incense PokémonDollar9600

Worker 3: 

Item Price
Pokeball Poké Ball PokémonDollar200
Greatball Great Ball PokémonDollar600
Ultraball Ultra Ball PokémonDollar1200
Levelball Level Ball PokémonDollar300
Lureball Lure Ball PokémonDollar300
Moonball Moon Ball PokémonDollar300
Friendball Friend Ball PokémonDollar300
Loveball Love Ball PokémonDollar300
Heavyball Heavy Ball PokémonDollar300
Fastball Fast Ball PokémonDollar300
Repeatball Repeat Ball PokémonDollar1000
Timerball Timer Ball PokémonDollar1000
Nestball Nest Ball PokémonDollar1000
Netball Net Ball PokémonDollar1000
Diveball Dive Ball PokémonDollar1000
Luxuryball Luxury Ball PokémonDollar1000
Healball Heal Ball PokémonDollar300
Quickball Quick Ball PokémonDollar1000
Duskball Dusk Ball PokémonDollar1000

Floor 3 - TV Game ShopEdit

This floor contains two NPCs. One of them sells TMs and the other sells eggs.


3rd floor of Blackfist Department Store

Worker 1:

 Item Price
Psychictm TM03 (Psyshock) PokémonDollar3,000
Icetm TM07 (Hail) PokémonDollar3,000
Darktm TM12 (Taunt) PokémonDollar1,500
Icetm TM13 (Ice Beam) PokémonDollar3,000
Psychictm TM16 (Light Screen) PokémonDollar2,000
Normaltm TM17 (Protect) PokémonDollar2,000
Normaltm TM20 (Safeguard) PokémonDollar2,000
Normaltm TM21 (Frustration) PokémonDollar1,000
Rocktm TM23 (Smack Down) PokémonDollar1,500
Electrictm TM24 (Thunderbolt) PokémonDollar3,000
Normaltm TM27 (Return) PokémonDollar1,000
Groundtm TM28 (Dig) PokémonDollar2,000
Psychictm TM29 (Psychic) PokémonDollar3,000
Firetm TM35 (Flamethrower) PokémonDollar3,000
Firetm TM38 (Fire Blast) PokémonDollar5,500
Darktm TM41 (Torment) PokémonDollar1,500
Normaltm TM45 (Attract) PokémonDollar3,000
Darktm TM46 (Thief) PokémonDollar2,000
Normaltm TM48 (Round) PokémonDollar3,000
Watertm TM55 (Scald) PokémonDollar3,000
Firetm TM61 (Will-O-Wisp) PokémonDollar2,000
Normaltm TM64 (Explosion) PokémonDollar7,500
Ghosttm TM65 (Shadow Claw) PokémonDollar3,000
Rocktm TM71 (Stone Edge) PokémonDollar3,000
Electrictm TM72 (Volt Switch) PokémonDollar3,000
Bugtm TM76 (Struggle Bug) PokémonDollar2,000
Groundtm TM78 (Bulldoze) PokémonDollar1,500
Icetm TM79 (Frost Breath) PokémonDollar3000
Dragontm TM82 (Dragon Tail) PokémonDollar1,000
Normaltm TM87 (Swagger) PokémonDollar1,500
Bugtm TM89 (U-turn) PokémonDollar3,000
Psychictm TM 33 (Reflect) PokémonDollar2,000

Worker 2:

Item Pokémon Price
Egg Yellow Egg Mareep PokémonDollar10,000
Egg Blue Egg Spheal PokémonDollar10,000
Egg Red Egg Growlithe PokémonDollar10,000
Egg Rare Egg Shiny Gible PokémonDollar200,000

Floor 4 - Wise Man GiftsEdit

Four NPC markets (from left to right):

4th floor of Blackfist Department Store

Worker 1:

Item Price
Pokedoll Poké Doll PokémonDollar1000
Airmail Air Mail PokémonDollar50
Tunnelmail Tunnel Mail PokémonDollar50
Bloommail Bloom Mail PokémonDollar50
Firestone Fire Stone PokémonDollar2100
Thunderstone Thunderstone PokémonDollar2100
Waterstone Water Stone PokémonDollar2100
Leafstone Leaf Stone PokémonDollar2100
Moonstone Moon Stone PokémonDollar2100
Sunstone Sun Stone PokémonDollar2100
Shinystone Shiny Stone PokémonDollar2100
Dawnstone Dawn Stone PokémonDollar2100
Duskstone Dusk Stone PokémonDollar2100
Everstone Everstone PokémonDollar200

Worker 2:

Item Price
Deepseascale DeepSeaScale PokémonDollar200
Deepseatooth DeepSeaTooth PokémonDollar200
Electirizer Electirizer PokémonDollar2100
Kingsrock King's Rock PokémonDollar100
Protector Protector PokémonDollar2100
Razorfang Razor Fang PokémonDollar2100
Razorclaw Razor Claw PokémonDollar2100
Upgrade Up-Grade PokémonDollar2100
Dubiousdisc Dubious Disc PokémonDollar2100
Prismscale Prism Scale PokémonDollar500
Dreamstone Dream Stone PokémonDollar10000
Soothebell Soothe Bell PokémonDollar100

Worker 3:

Item Price
Fireseal Fire Seal PokémonDollar1000
Eleseal Ele-seal PokémonDollar1000
Heartseal Heart Seal PokémonDollar1000

Worker 4:

Item Price
Airballoon Air Balloon PokémonDollar200
Lifeorb Life Orb PokémonDollar200
Toxicorb Toxic Orb PokémonDollar100
Shellbell Shell Bell PokémonDollar200
Eviolite Eviolite PokémonDollar200
Choiceband Choice Band PokémonDollar100
Choicescarf Choice Scarf PokémonDollar200
Choicespecs Choice Specs PokémonDollar200
Mentalherb Mental Herb PokémonDollar100
Powerherb Power Herb PokémonDollar100
Whiteherb White Herb PokémonDollar100
Absorbbulb Absorb Bulb PokémonDollar200
Expertbelt Expert Belt PokémonDollar200
Metronome Metronome PokémonDollar200
Scopelens Scope Lens PokémonDollar200
Widelens Wide Lens PokémonDollar200
Zoomlens Zoom Lens PokémonDollar200
Quickclaw Quick Claw PokémonDollar100
Laggingtail Lagging Tail PokémonDollar200
Focusband Focus Band PokémonDollar200
Focussash Focus Sash PokémonDollar200
Flameorb Flame Orb PokémonDollar100
Amuletcoin Amulet Coin PokémonDollar100
Redcard Red Card PokémonDollar200
Ejectbutton Eject Button PokémonDollar200
Rockyhelmet Rocky Helmet PokémonDollar200
Abilitycapsule Ability Capsule PokémonDollar10000

Floor 5 - DrugstoreEdit

Worker 1:

5th floor of Blackfist Department Store

Item Price
Hpup HP Up PokémonDollar9800
Protein Protein PokémonDollar9800
Iron Iron PokémonDollar9800
Calcium Calcium PokémonDollar9800
Zinc Zinc PokémonDollar9800
Carbos Carbos PokémonDollar9800
Xattack X Attack PokémonDollar500
Xdefend X Defend PokémonDollar550
Xspeed X Speed PokémonDollar350
Xspecial X Special PokémonDollar350
Xspdef X Sp. Def PokémonDollar350
Xaccuracy X Accuracy PokémonDollar950
Guardspec Guard Spec PokémonDollar700
Direhit Dire Hit PokémonDollar650

Worker 2:

Item Price
Powerweight Power Weight PokémonDollar3000
Powerbracer Power Bracer PokémonDollar3000
Powerbelt Power Belt PokémonDollar3000
Powerlens Power Lens PokémonDollar3000
Powerband Power Band PokémonDollar3000
Poweranklet Power Anklet PokémonDollar3000
Healthwing Health Wing PokémonDollar3000
Musclewing Muscle Wing PokémonDollar3000
Resistwing Resist Wing PokémonDollar3000
Geniuswing Genius Wing PokémonDollar3000
Cleverwing Clever Wing PokémonDollar3000
Swiftwing Swift Wing PokémonDollar3000
Pomegberry Pomeg Berry PokémonDollar20
Kelpsyberry Kelpsy Berry PokémonDollar20
Qualotberry Qualot Berry PokémonDollar20
Hondewberry Hondew Berry PokémonDollar20
Grepaberry Grepa Berry PokémonDollar20
Tamatoberry Tamato Berry PokémonDollar20

Rooftop Square: Vending MachinesEdit


Rooftop of Blackfist Department Store

The Rooftop Square offers the player a variety of healing beverages by interacting with the vending machines. These drinks can only be purchased one at a time from the machines.

Vending Machines:

Item Price
Freshwater Fresh Water PokémonDollar200
Sodapop Soda Pop PokémonDollar300
Lemonade Lemonade PokémonDollar350
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