Canis Town
Canis Town
Special features

Nuzlocke TM Lord


Focus Band, Masterball,
TM04 Calm Mind

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades

RB: Seed Flare -> Litwick,
Eevee -> Aron



Connected areas

Mt. Epsilon (Lower 1), Mt. Epsilon (Lower 2)

Canis Town is the town located in between Mt. Epsilon's Lower areas, Mt. Epsilon (Lower 1) and Mt. Epsilon (Lower 2).


Canis Town mainly serves as a resting place as the player treks through the lower areas of Mt. Epsilon. Once the player has investigated enough of the town and has healed their Pokémon as needed, they may continue onward to Mt. Epsilon (Lower 2) through the doorway in the northwest.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Item264 Master Ball Given by the blond in the center of the town, near the fountain
Psychictm TM04 Calm Mind Given by the blond in the house directly south of the entrance to Mt. Epsilon (Lower 1)
Focusband Focus Band Given by the Black Belt wandering directly to the southwest of the Poké Mart

Nuzlocke TM Lord ItemsEdit

 Item Price
TM97 Livewire PokémonDollar3000
TM98 Echolocation PokémonDollar3000
TM99 Epicenter PokémonDollar3000
TM100 Draco Jet PokémonDollar3000
TM103 Lunar Cannon PokémonDollar3000
TM104 Flash Freeze PokémonDollar3000
TM105 Permafrost PokémonDollar3000
TM106 Medusa Ray PokémonDollar3000
TM109 Power Shrine PokémonDollar3000
TM110 Special Shrine PokémonDollar3000
TM113 Fumble PokémonDollar3000
TM114 Wildfire PokémonDollar3000

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
304 Aron Traded for an Eevee by the Black Belt in the house directly south of the Poké Mart
607 Litwick Traded for the item RB: Seed Flare by the girl seated on the bench in the southwestern corner of town. This Litwick features two exclusive moves: Shadow Sneak and Moonblast

Special FeaturesEdit

Nuzlocke TM LordEdit

Canis Town features another Nuzlocke Lord who can be found in the house directly south of the entrance to Mt. Epsilon (Lower 2). However, while the previous Nuzlocke Lord was only accessible to players engaged in a Nuzlocke Challenge, the Nuzlocke TM Lord's services are available to anyone playing the game. As a small drawback, the Nuzlocke TM Lord does not allow players to buy Exp. Share, Leftovers, or Nuzlocke Balls.

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