Carinae Town
Special features

Secret Base, Shadow Pokémon


TM84 Poison Jab, TM?? Razor Storm,
Exp. Share, Cacturnite

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades

Infernape -> Smeargle



Connected areas

Magmax Cave, Route 4X

Carinae Town is a small, rainy town in the Aroma Region that is home to one of two of the Aroma Region's Secret Base entrances. It exits onto Route 4X in the northeastern portion of the town.


Upon exiting from the player's new and improved Secret Base they will find themselves in Carinae Town. From here the player is able to go and heal, stock up on items, and investigate a few other attractions that the town has to offer along the way.

When the player is prepared to move on from this town they should make their way towards the forest entrance in the northeastern portion of town, and at this point they will be confronted yet again by Suzerain. Once Suzerain has been defeated the player will then be free to move on to Route 4X.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
TM?? Razor Storm Obtained from the Scientist in the house directly below the Secret Base entrance by completing his quiz. The answers to his metagame quiz are: Hidden Power, Electrode, Rhydon, 481266036, Arceus, and It would be weak to Rock.
Poisontm TM84 Poison Jab Obtained from the girl wandering around directly outside of the Pokémon Center
Expshare Exp. Share Obtained from the Bibarel in the house situated in the southeastern portion of town, between the two Engineers
Cacturnite Obtained from the blond wandering to the right of the Poké Mart after obtaining the Secret Badge

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
693 Amaura Given by the Scientist in the house to the right of the Poké Mart by typing in the name of the Pokémon desired (only one of the two is given)
695 Tyrunt
235 Smeargle Traded for an Infernape by the blond inside of the house directly south of the entrance to Route 4X

TIP: As there is an opportunity to capture Aurorus later on in the game, the player may want to choose Tyrunt from the Scientist for the sake of Pokédex completion.

Special FeaturesEdit

Secret BaseEdit

Carinae Town possesses the easiest method of accessing the player's Secret Base while in the Aroma Region, as the only other alternative is for the player to pass through Magmax Cave all over again.

With this new point of access the player is also able to access the third and final tier of upgrades from the Secret Base, which includes an IV Changer, a Name Rater, a Move Deleter, a Move Relearner, Move Tutors, a built-in Daycare Center, and a Poké Mart worker which sells Lucky Eggs as well as IV Stones.

Mysterious Trainer SuzerainEdit



Pokémon Level Moves Item


51 Calm Mind Psyshock Light Screen Reflect Lightclay

Light Clay

078 shadow

Rapidash (Shadow)

50 Shadow Blitz Shadow Wave Shadow Rush None None


51 Scald Protect Toxic Wish Leftovers




51 Icy Wind Signal Beam Thunderbolt Volt Switch Choicespecs

Choice Specs



52 Outrage Dragon Dance Earthquake Fire Punch Expertbelt

Expert Belt


Blaziken (Mega)*

52 Flare Blitz Hi Jump Kick Swords Dance Protect Blazikenite



Swampert (Mega)*

52 Ice Punch Waterfall Earthquake Stone Edge Swampertite



Sceptile (Mega)*

52 Draco Meteor Leaf Storm Superpower Substitute Sceptite


Reward: PokémonDollar5200

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