Caspian City
Caspian City
Special features

Paleontologist, Dream Lord, Trainer ID Store


HM06 Dive, Ancient Tome, TM50 Overheat, RB: Seed Flare

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades



Fire-type gym

Connected areas

Route 317

Caspian City is the location of the eighth and final gym of the Vesryn Region. It is connected only to Route 317, despite what the Vesryn Region's map may indicate. To access the Mysterious Cave the player must return to Route 316 after obtaining HM06 Dive.


At last the player has reached the eighth and final gym of the Vesryn Region. Because the player will be unable to enter the Mysterious Cave and then proceed to Victory Road without both the Inferno Badge and HM06 Dive, the city itself possesses two obstacles to overcome. Despite being filled with water, no wild Pokémon can be encountered here.

The first obstacle, however, is relatively easy to overcome. To obtain HM06 Dive, the player needs to enter the house directly to the northwest of the Route 317 entrance and then speak with the Swimmer inside.

For the second obstacle the player will need to overcome Caspian City's Gym Leader, Miranda. After bypassing the gym's trainers and puzzles the player will almost be ready to battle Miranda for the eighth badge. But before the player can actually begin the battle their rival, Jake, will come forward and defiantly declare that he also wants to fight Miranda for a badge. As such, Miranda will agree to battle both trainers and if she loses will give a badge to each of them.

TIP: Jake is nearly useless in this battle as his Pokémon are severely underleveled and for the most part are at a disadvantage against Fire-type Pokémon. Changing the gym's weather from permanent sun to rain via Rain Dance will reduce Miranda's power severely, but beware that she can set up the sun again when her Charizard Mega Evolves. Moves such as Earthquake, Rock Slide, or Surf (especially in the rain) are extremely useful attacks to spam while disregarding the status of Jake's Pokémon.

Once the Inferno Badge is finally within the player's grasp they may then proceed towards their next objective: Taking on the Quasar Plateau.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Watertm HM06 Dive Given by a Swimmer located in a house directly southwest of the entrance to Route 317
Item566 Ancient Tome In the house closest to the northwestern corner of the city, in the left side of the cupboard
Firetm TM50 Overheat Reward for defeating Miranda at the Caspian City Gym
RB: Seed Flare Appears after using Tesseract on the empty platform located at the very top of the city

Special FeaturesEdit


To the right of the entrance to Route 317 is a Pokémon lab. Inside of the lab are three scientists who appear to be studying fossils. The right-most scientist is a paleontologist who will revive any Pokémon from their fossil forms. Each Pokémon revived will be given to the player at level 1.

Dream LordEdit

In the house closest to the northeastern corner of the map is an old man known as the Dream Lord. This man, for the price of a single Dream Stone, will change any Pokémon's ability to their Dream World ability if possible.

Trainer ID ShopEdit

If the player has received the Trainer ID for Yogscast Martin in Blackfist City then they will be able to purchase any of the Trainer IDs provided in the building with an orange roof and "CARD" printed on the outside. After purchasing the IDs the player may then battle the trainer in question at the Simulation Depot Beta located in the Wireless Communications Depot.

Caspian City GymEdit

Fire-type Gym

This gym's difficulty isn't demonstrated in its puzzles as much as its special features. In the Caspian City Gym the weather is set to permanent sun unless the player has an ability or attack that can negate or change the weather completely; even the Go-Goggles will not work here. To reach Miranda the player simply needs to press the white buttons to lower the pool of lava until it magically disappears into the floor.

Gym TrainersEdit

Trainer Pokémon Level

Hiker Zexal

078 Rapidash 62
136 Flareon 62
219 Magcargo 63
324 Torkoal 62
Rewards: PokémonDollar2016
Trainer Pokémon Level

Hiker Kole

136 Flareon 62
257 Blaziken 63
555 Darmanitan 63
038 Ninetales 63
Rewards: PokémonDollar2016
Trainer Pokémon Level

Hiker Mikael

059 Arcanine 63
136 Flareon 63
392 Infernape 63
631 Heatmor 63
Rewards: PokémonDollar2016

Gym Leader: MirandaEdit



Items: Full Restore x2

Format: Double-Battle, Tag-Team with Rival

Pokémon Level Moves Item
229Houndoom 69 Fire Blast Sucker Punch Crunch Pursuit LifeorbLife Orb
323Camerupt 67 Lava Plume Earth Power Stealth Rock Roar LeftoversLeftovers
006Charizard (Mega)* 69 Flamethrower Air Slash SolarBeam Roost CharizarditeyCharizardite Y
500Emboar 68 Flare Blitz Superpower Wild Charge Grass Knot ChoicescarfChoice Scarf
609Chandelure* 68 Shadow Ball Fire Blast Energy Ball Moonblast ChoicescarfChoice Scarf
637Volcarona 70 Fiery Dance Giga Drain Bug Buzz Quiver Dance Weakness Policy
Reward: PokémonDollar7000, Inferno Badge Inferno Badge, Firetm TM50 Overheat

Teammate: Rival JakeEdit

Pokémon Level Moves
560Scrafty 57 Crunch Rock Climb Facade Scary Face
306Aggron 58 Metal Sound Iron Tail Autotomize Heavy Slam


60 Future Sight Healing Wish Cosmic Power Gravity


60 Zen Headbutt Flame Burst Reversal Inferno
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