Cassiopeia Town
Cassiopeia Town
Cassiopeia Town at Night
Special features

Shadow Pokémon


Quick Ball, Timer Ball, Rare Candy,
Ground Gem/Psychic Gem, TM127 Toxic, Ampharosite

Pokemon given

Igglybuff (Egg)

Pokemon trades



Poison-type Gym

Connected areas

Route 4X, Katana Cave

Cassiopeia Town is the town which is situated between Route 4X and Katana Cave. Despite what the Aroma Region map seems to indicate, it is not connected to Route 5X. Additionally, while the Aroma region's map also identifies this location as Cassiopeia City instead of Cassiopeia Town, the save menu, area entrance text, as well as several NPCs within the town confirm that it is considered a town and not a city.


While investigating the town and speaking to its inhabitants, the player is sure to learn that the next gym has a certain class of trainers within that the player should not attempt to provoke. They should also learn that there is a secret entrance into the gym from Katana Cave, which therefore makes this a reasonable point of interest to explore seeing as there are no other ways out of the town.

After the player makes it to the gym they will be required to complete a few puzzles in order to avoid contact with the overpowered Ninja Guardians (a more comprehensive guide is outlined in the gym section below) in order to reach Leader Enelle.

Once Enelle has been defeated and the player has now been given the ability to use Wormhole outside of battle, they will be able to return to Katana Cave and use Wormhole to reach Herculis Town.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Quickball Quick Ball Given by a woman in the house directly south of the Pokémon Center
Timerball Timer Ball Given by the other woman in the house directly south of the Pokémon Center
Groundgem Ground Gem Given by the Channeler wandering around in the southwestern portion of town depending on the player's answer to her question (only one of the two is given)
Psychicgem Psychic Gem
Rarecandy Rare Candy Found in the house to the southwest of the Poké Mart
TM127 Toxic Reward for defeating Enelle at the Cassiopeia Gym
Ampharosite Ampharosite Given by the Scientist in the house to the left of the Poké Mart after the player has completed the events at Therian Plateau

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
174 Igglybuff (egg) Given by a man hiding behind the Cassiopeia Gym

Cassiopeia GymEdit

Poison-type Gym

TIP: Make sure to have a Pokémon or item capable of using Rock Climb before even considering entering the Cassiopeia Gym.

The gimmick of this gym is that the front entrance of the gym is guarded by Ninja Guardians with severely overpowered teams of level 120 Pokémon. While it is possible to defeat these trainers by battling them, it is within the player's best interest to go about doing this the intended way, which is to access a secret entrance into the gym from Katana Cave.

TIP: The player may want to save frequently after making progress in this gym in order to avoid coming into contact with the overpowered Ninja Guardians and needing to restart or lose money as a result.

After entering the gym through the back-door in Katana Cave, go through the upper door. In the next room the player will encounter two different trainers, one of which is another Ninja Guardian (facing right), while the other is a weaker Ninja Guard (facing downward). The trick here is to use the Ninja Guard to block the Ninja Guardian's line of sight by luring him down one tile with a battle. This will put him in front of the Ninja Guardian, and the player will be able to walk around to the next room. Note that in the event that the player needs to leave the gym to heal, they will need to repeat this entire procedure to get to the next room.

For the next room the player will need to head to the right or else they will be seen by another Ninja Guardian. Then, climb up the wall using Rock Climb and run directly to the left, colliding with the wall in the process. The player will then jump across this gap to reach the other side, avoiding the Ninja Guardian in the process. From here the player can easily head down the other side of the wall before heading up to the next room.

The next puzzle can be very deceptive at a first glance. The pathway to where Leader Enelle awaits the player appears to be impassable since there is no way to get around the Ninja Guardians that are both facing toward the center pathway. However, if the player walks around to the left or right and then interacts with the Guardians from behind them they will be able to switch their overpowered Pokémon for three weaker Pokémon, changing them from a Ninja Guardian to a Ninja Guard in the process. The player can then walk straight ahead, battle either or both of the Ninja Guards, and then continue straight ahead to face Enelle.

TIP: When leaving the gym after defeating Enelle, beware that while some trainers that have not been battled by the player will not battle him/her as they make their exit, there are some that will do this without hesitation. However, the two Ninja Guardians standing directly outside of the gym's main entrance will not battle the player once Enelle has been defeated.

Gym TrainersEdit

Ninja GuardiansEdit

Pokémon Level Moves Item


120 Earthquake Stone Edge Outrage Fire Fang Choicescarf

Choice Scarf



120 Titanic Force Ice Punch Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Airballoon

Air Balloon



120 ExtremeSpeed Outrage Waterfall Superpower Choiceband

Choice Band



120 Swords Dance Earthquake Stone Edge Fissure Airballoon

Air Balloon



120 Dragon Dance Earthquake Hydro Pump Fire Blast Lifeorb

Life Orb


Blaziken (Mega)*

120 Infernal Rage Hi Jump Kick Protect Blaze Kick Blazikenite


Reward: PokémonDollar3840

Ninja GuardsEdit

Trainer Pokémon Level

Ninja Guard

089 Muk 56
435 Skuntank 57
073 Tentacruel 56
Rewards: PokémonDollar1824
Trainer Pokémon Level

Ninja Guard

089 Muk 56
435 Skuntank 57
073 Tentacruel 56
Rewards: PokémonDollar1824
Trainer Pokémon Level

Ninja Guard

089 Muk 56
435 Skuntank 57
073 Tentacruel 56
Rewards: PokémonDollar1824

Gym Leader EnelleEdit




Items: Full Restore x2

Pokémon Level Moves Item


57 Fire Blast Earth Power Ice Beam Focus Blast Lifeorb

Life Orb



57 Draco Meteor Thunderbolt Scald Sludge Bomb Blacksludge

Black Sludge



58 Poison Jab Earthquake Aqua Tail Crunch Lumberry

Lum Berry


Venusaur (Mega)

58 Growth Sludge Bomb Sleep Powder Giga Drain Venusaurite


454 shadow

Toxicroak (Shadow)

55 Shadow Break Shadow Down None None None


58 Focus Blast Substitute Shadow Ball Disable Blacksludge

Black Sludge

Reward: PokémonDollar5800, Secret Badge Secret Badge, TM127 Toxic
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