Centauri Town
Centauri Town
Special features

 Dream Duchess


Thunder Stone, Fire Stone OR Water Stone
1x Rare Candy, 1x Lucky Egg,
1x Max Revive

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades


Connected areas

Route 7X, Kingdom Customs

Centauri Town is located below the southern face of Mt. Epsilon in the Aroma Region, and is accessed by sliding down the face of the mountain from Polaris Town, and then traveling south down Route 7X. The town does not appear on the town map and is the last line of defense before Kingdom City.


While Centauri Town is home to a fair number of features and items for the player to take advantage of, none of it is really mandatory for the player to complete their journey. Continue east to Kingdom Customs in order to continue on your quest towards Kingdom City.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Rarecandy Rare Candy Given by a Crush Girl to the right of the Poké Mart
Maxrevive Max Revive Received from the Flareon in the house in the northeastern-most corner of town
Luckyegg Lucky Egg Received from the Cradily in the house to the south of the fountain
Firestone Fire Stone From a man wandering around the southern part of the town (only one is given)
Thunderstone Thunder Stone
Waterstone Water Stone

Special FeaturesEdit

Dream DuchessEdit

The Dream Duchess, the Aroma Region counterpart to the Dream Lord in Caspian City, is located directly south of the Pokémon Center. She will change any of the player's Pokémon's abilities to their Dream World abilities for the price of a single Dream Stone. Beware that once this is done, the ability cannot be changed back.

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