Cephei Town
Cephei Town
Special features

Subway Station,
Relic Song Move Tutor


Super Potion, Ground Gem

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades

Smeargle -> Ditto



Connected areas

Blackfist City, Route 1X

Cephei Town is the first town that the player visits in the Aroma Region which connects to Route 1X to the north. It is here that the player will receive a new starter Pokémon to help the player as they search for the source of the mysterious Shadow Pokemon plague.


Before the player hops on the train and makes their way over to Cephei Town, Wilson will explain to the player that they will need to keep their Pokémon captured in both the Vesryn Region and the Aroma Region separated from each other until the source of the problem in the Aroma region has been found and eliminated. To account for this, Professor Maple has left a new starter Pokémon for the player to use to assist them on their journey when they disembark from the train station in Cephei Town.

As opposed to the Vesryn region's starters which are unique from all other Pokémon games, the Aroma region's starters are the same as the ones given in the Hoenn region. The Pokémon chosen will be at level 12 when acquired.

Upon exiting the subway station, the player will be able to search around the town for a bit to find anything of use or to stock up on items before setting out onto the first route. There is also a beehive filled with level 5 Combee to the southeast of the subway station.

Once the player is ready to begin their next adventure, they may head out to Route 1X to the north.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Superpotion Super Potion Given by the woman wandering around to the northwest of the Pokémon Center
Groundgem Ground Gem Obtained from a Golem in the house northwest of the Pokémon Center

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
252 Treecko Starter Pokémon, received from the Pokéball inside of the subway station (only one of the three may be taken)
255 Torchic
258 Mudkip
132 Ditto Traded for a Smeargle in the house directly north of the Pokémon Center

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
415 Combee Z O 5 Infinite

Special FeaturesEdit

Subway StationEdit

As stated previously, the subway station which connects Cephei Town and Blackfist City together is available for the player to use at any time, but they cannot transfer Pokémon captured from the Aroma region to the Vesryn region and vice versa until the Aroma region plotline is complete. When the storyline is completed, the player's Vesryn and Aroma PC boxes will merge, with the Aroma boxes taking up boxes 1-24 and the Vesryn boxes taking up boxes 25-48. However, the player is free to transfer items from the two regions at any time, giving a very large advantage in the early stages of the Aroma region.

Relic Song Move TutorEdit

Seated on a bench in the center of town is a girl who will teach a Meloetta in the player's party Relic Song if the player desires. Note that this is still the only way that Meloetta will be able to transform into its Pirouette forme throughout the game.

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