In Pokémon Zeta and Omicron there are a few added Challenge Modes. These challenge modes enforce a few new rules. You can combine any Challenge mode.

Pre-1.4 ChallengesEdit

  • The Nuzlocke Challenge
    • Fainted Pokémon can't be revived in Pokémon Centers, this means dead is dead.
    • Caught Pokémon must be nicknamed.
  • The Randomizer Challenge
    • Every time you encounter a Pokémon (wild Pokémon as well as trainer Pokémon) the game runs a random number generator from 0-649 and will change the Pokémon  to the corresponding Pokédex number. Pre-1.4 you can encounter any Pokémon from gen I-V, from 1.4 on you will be able to encounter any Pokémon from all six generations. Fakemon and Delta Pokemon can't be encountered in this mode.
    • You cannot trade with this mode activated
  • The Randomlocke Challenge
    • Is a combination of the Randomizer and Nuzlocke Challenge.
    • This is obsolete as of 1.4 as you can combine any challenge with another.

Post-1.4 ChallengesEdit

The two challenges above are still in the game post 1.3. The new challenges are:

  • PP Challenge
    • Pokémon Centers won't heal PP.
  • Solo Run
    • At the beginning of the game you get to choose any nonlegendary, unevolved Pokemon, and you use it for the course of the game. You can still catch Pokemon, but they are sent to your PC by default and your PC is unopenable.
    • You can forfeit this challenge at any time.
    • This run will end once you finish the first region. You will be able to access your PC after this.
  • Mystery Challenge
    • All Pokémon encountered will appear as a ??? sprite and will have hidden names.
    • They will have their normal sprites and names once they are completed in the Pokédex.
    • You can forfeit this challenge at any time.
  • Non-Technical Challenge
    • You can't use TMs in this run.
  • Anti-ante Challenge
    • You can't get money from trainers in this run. All money must be gained by pawning off items.
  • Bravery Challenge
    • You can't flee from wild battles.
  • Wonder Challenge
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