Thesuzerain has told us that there are three faction-like "clubs". Each club contains its own side missions and includes a legendary that is specific to their quest line.

Pokémon RangersEdit

Rangers take care of Pokémon and wildlife. The Rangers club house is in Kivu town .

The ranger quests lead to Manaphy and therefore Phione.


Police ClubEdit

Law enforcement. Their clubhouse is located in Fianga City.

This quest line leads to Mewtwo (and his Psychic/Dark form) and is required to catch Mew as well.

"Evil" Club: Cipher or Magma/AquaEdit

During the 2nd region you are asked to join either Team Magma/Aqua (the "good" guys) or Team Cipher (the bad guys).

Note: The team you join determines what megastone you receive for Charizard.