Constance City
Special features

Safari Zone, Legendary Pokémon


Ancient Tome, Alakazite, Attack Boxes, TM112 Dragonify, Soul Dew

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades

Any -> Sigilyph


Hall of Masters

Connected areas

Mount Nova, Safari Zone 4, Timelocked Temple

Constance City is the final city in the Vesryn Region storyline and is situated entirely in the sky. It is accessed by travelling over Mount Nova from Skadar City and also connects to the fourth Safari Zone as well as the Timelocked Temple. It is also home to the fourth Sigil Hall, the Hall of Masters.


The trainers in this area give increased experience whenever their Pokémon are defeated in battle.

The final location of the Vesryn Spear is now open for exploration with the main objective being to gain the tool for accessing the fifth Sigil Hall from Wilson. However, a few other locations in this city may be useful to the player before setting out to challenge the player's father, including the Attack Box Shop in the mid-west as well as a house concealing a level 70 Rotom to the northeast of where the player arrived from Mount Nova. The process for being able to trigger the battle with Rotom is identical to the one encountered in Onega Town.

TIP: Visiting the Attack Box Shop for the first time is the only way the player will be able to pick up Rare Boxes in the future.

Once the player has defeated Wilson once again he will grant them access to the Timelocked Temple in the southeast where the player will be able to find the HM they need to access the fifth Sigil Hall, the Hall of Legends, inside of Varlox Cave.

Before leaving the city after obtaining HMXX Tesseract, the player may now venture into Safari Zone 4 to obtain a Weatherstone which will allow the player to encounter and battle one of the three Legendary Birds at level 75 from the pillars in the northern part of the city. The player can then return to Constance City to battle the other two birds once they obtain more Weatherstones.

TIP: If the player leaves this area with a team that they believe is not prepared to face multiple Pokémon around level 120 with little to no chance to heal between fights, they are advised to use the Delta Temple in Yangtze Town as an additional means of gaining experience.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Item566 Ancient Tome Found hidden inside of an oven in the house to the northwest of the Attack Box Shop with an Eevee inside.
Alakazite Alakazite Obtained from the woman wandering directly northwest of the Attack Box Shop if the player has an Alakazam in their party
TM112 Dragonify Reward for defeating Wilson at the Hall of Masters
Souldew Soul Dew Obtained from the woman wandering outside of the Timelocked Temple if the player has a Latios or Latias at the front of their party

Attack Box Shop ItemsEdit

Item Price
AB: Protect PokémonDollar5000
AB: Sleep Powder PokémonDollar5000
AB: Thunder Wave PokémonDollar5000
AB: Toxic PokémonDollar5000
AB: Confuse Ray PokémonDollar5000
AB: Medusa Ray PokémonDollar5000
AB: False Swipe PokémonDollar5000

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
561 Sigilyph Traded by a Scientist in the house to the east of the Hall of Masters for any Pokémon

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
Special Pokémon
144 Articuno Z O 75 One
145 Zapdos Z O 75 One
146 Moltres Z O 75 One
479 Rotom Z O 70 One

Hall Of MastersEdit

Finishing the trend displayed by the last three Sigil Halls, the Hall of Masters features zero puzzles and three mandatory trainer battles in order to reach Wilson. The third battle pairs the player against Wilson's Fanboy, Stewart, who deviates from the Sigil Hall's mostly Dragon-type standard and uses Normal types instead.

After defeating the Hall of Legends the player may then return to rematch against Wilson as many times as they desire.

Lesser TrainersEdit

Trainer Pokémon Level

Scientist Mikore

303a Mawile 108
621 Druddigon 109
334 Altaria 109
330 Flygon 109
Rewards: PokémonDollar5232
Trainer Pokémon Level

Scientist Andrew

621 Druddigon 109
230 Kingdra 109
149 Dragonite 109
Rewards: PokémonDollar5232

Wilson Fanboy StewartEdit


Pokémon Level Moves Item


111 Facade Earthquake Crunch Swords Dance Toxicorb

Toxic Orb



111 Rest Snore Body Slam Earthquake Chestoberry

Chesto Berry



112 Low Kick Fire Blast Surf Boomburst None


112 Earthquake Body Slam Protect Dragon Tail None


113 Air Slash Thunder Wave Aura Sphere Hurricane Razorfang

Razor Fang



113 Body Slam Headbutt Dig Coil Razorfang

Razor Fang

Reward: PokémonDollar9040

Elite Four WilsonEdit



Items: Full Restore x2

Pokémon Level Moves Item


110 Solar Charge Solar Beam Earthquake Fire Blast Powerherb

Power Herb



113 Dragon Claw Devour Devour Rage State Whiteherb

White Herb



112 Dragon Tail Zen Headbutt Fly Double Edge Expertbelt

Expert Belt



112 Flare Blitz Dragon Dance Outrage Hurricane Expertbelt

Expert Belt



111 Bullet Hail Bullet Punch Dragon Pulse Dragon Dance Metalcoat

Metal Coat



113 Dragon Dance Swords Dance Outrage Terraforce Persimberry

Persim Berry

Reward: PokémonDollar11300, Masters Sigil Master's Sigil, TM112 Dragonify

Trivia Edit

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