Default controlsEdit

  • Arrow keys, NumPad: D-pad
  • C, Enter, Spacebar: Accept (like the "A" button in a normal Pokémon game)
  • X, Esc: Open menu, decline (like the "B" button)
  • Shift: Hold to run (running shoes required)
  • F5: Sort
  • V: Quicksave
  • F: Toggle autosave
  • G: Toggle collision sounds
  • H: Toggle "Swag Mode"
  • Alt+Enter: Toggle fullscreen
  • Z: Mega evolution (If possible)
  • F1: Options menu (contains sound and display options, as well as controls customization)
  • O: Remove followers (turns back on by pressing P)
  • P: Refresh map
  • Q: Registered item #1 (Scroll up in menu)
  • W:Registered item #2 (Scroll down in menu)
  • E: Registered item #3
  • F12: to restart the game
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