Developer ChallengeEdit

Developer Challenge is found in Fianga City in the same building as the online communications for trading and battling. To start it talk to the officer blocking the doorway. You are rewarded a sacred ash for defeating the challenge, but only on first completion. Future efforts will not yield rewards. Be advised that if you talk to a developer after beating them, then you will have to fight them again. This can certainly catch unsuspecting players off guard.

Im2be (website designer)Edit

Items: Full Restore, Revive
Pokémon Level Moves Item
Umbreon 65 Protect Confuse Ray Toxic Payback Leftovers
Scizor 68 Bug Bite Superpower Bullet Punch Acrobatics Lum Berry
Venusaur 67 Hidden Power (Grass) Growth Earthquake Solar Beam Life Orb
Absol 66 Stone Edge Superpower Psycho cut Sucker Punch Life Orb
Sableye 67 Swagger Shadow Sneak Punishment Fake Out Leftovers
Espeon 66 Calm Mind Shadow Ball Psychic Morning Sun Life Orb
Reward: PokémonDollar6800


Items: Full Restore, Revive
Pokémon Level Moves
Alakazam 68 Calm Mind Trick Future Sight Psychic
Hitmonchan 69 Counter Detect Close Combat Focus Punch
Tyranitar 68 Payback Stone Edge Crunch Earthquake
Aggron 70 Iron Tail Autotomize Double-Edge Heavy Slam
Gyarados 68 Hyper Beam Dragon Dance Hydro Pump Rain Dance
Espeon 69 Last Resort Morning Sun Psychic Power Swap
Reward: PokémonDollar7000

Lawrence [NPC Designer / Delta Temple Designer]Edit

Items: Full Restore, Revive
Pokémon Level Moves Item
Quagsire 68 Waterfall Earthquake Recover Curse Leftovers
Nidoking 70 Fire Blast Ice Beam Sludge Wave Earth Power Life Orb
Krookodile 70 Earthquake Crunch Superpower Rock Slide
Archeops 69 U-turn Stone Edge Earthquake Acrobatics Flying Gem
Slowbro 70 Calm Mind Scald Slack Off Psyshock Leftovers
Cradily 68 Toxic Swords Dance Seed Bomb Recover Leftovers
Reward: PokémonDollar7000


Items: Full Restore, Revive
Pokémon Level Moves Item
Tyranitar 70 Stone Edge Stealth Rock Superpower Crunch Chople Berry
Scizor 72 U-turn Superpower Bullet Punch Pursuit Choice Band
Alakazam 71 Focus Blast Psyshock Protect Shadow Ball Life Orb
Jigglypuff (Shiny) 73 Sing Wake-Up Slap Body Slam Double-Edge Leftovers
Garchomp 72 Swords Dance Dragon Claw Earthquake Substitute Bright Powder
Ferrothorn 72 Spikes Gyro Ball Power Whip Leech Seed Leftovers
Reward: PokémonDollar7300

Wyatt (thesuzerain)Edit

Items: Full Restore, Revive

Pokémon Level Moves Item
Zoroark 74 Sucker Punch Dark Pulse Flamethrower Focus Blast Life Orb
Breloom 73 Mach Punch Bullet Seed Spore Swords Dance Toxic Orb
Rotom (Normal) 73 Discharge Overheat Trick Shadow Ball Choice Specs
Froslass (Shiny) 74 Ice Beam Destiny Bond Taunt Spikes Leftovers
Milotic 72 Dragon Tail Scald Rest Sleep Talk Leftovers
Deoxys 74 Psycho Boost Soul Wrecker Psychic Telekinesis Focus Sash
Reward: PokémonDollar7400


Avi (music composer)Edit

Items: Full Restore
Pokémon Level Moves Items
Metapod 65 Harden, Tackle, Bug Bite
Octillery 66 Ice Beam, Surf, Charge Beam, Energy Ball
Dragonite 68 Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Fire Punch
Sableye 66 Trick, Toxic, Recover, Night Shade Lagging tail
Wobbuffet 67 Counter, Encore, Mirror Coat Leftovers
Smeargle 67 Shell Smash White Herb
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