Escape Route
Escape Route
Escape Route Cave
Special features

Starter Pokémon


5x Poké Ball, Running Shoes, Potion

Connected areas

Zarivar Town, Nyasa Town

Map Escape Route

The Escape Route is a one-way tunnel connecting Nyasa Town to Zarivar Town, and is the starting point of the game.  After the attack on Nyasa Town by Team Asgard/ Olympus, residents of the town used the route to escape the rampage. Only one exit is accessible, which leads south into Zarivar Town. On the northern end is an alternative access point to your secret base only accessible with Surf.

The player will obtain their first Starter Pokémon here.

Walkthrough Edit

The player begins their journey in the Escape Route's upper floor. After speaking with Professor Oak, the only way forward is by taking the ladder in the center of the room down to the next floor.

Walk to the professor and follow him up the stairs onto the ledge. Follow the ledge to the end and head down the stairs and talk to the professor to choose a Starter Pokémon, or choose the player's desired Pokémon for a solorun. The starter Pokémon will start at level 7. Head back up the stairs onto the ledge and follow it to the first fork. Head south to receive 5 Poké Balls and to battle Hiker Jeremy. Continue south to the bottom of the stairs. To the east is an old man who hands out a potion. To the west are the Running Shoes and the exit to Zarivar Town.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Pokeball Poké Ball (x5) Hiker Jeremy
Potion Potion Speaking with the old man.
Running Shoes Inside of the Poké Ball just before the exit to Zarivar Town.

On Solo Run ModeEdit

In addition to the items above, the player gets the following items when doing a solo run:

Item Location
Dolly Dolly Inside of the Poké Ball just before the exit to Zarivar Town.
Machete Machete
Instantlapras InstantLapras
Jet Pack
Scuba Gear
Hiking Boots
Rocket Boots
Time Caller


Trainer Pokémon Level

Hiker Jeremy

209 Snubbull 5
Rewards: PokémonDollar160

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
069 Bellsprout Emergency Pokémon supply (starter).
116 Horsea
240 Magby

On Solo Run Mode Edit

When attempting a non-randomized solo run the player is able to pick any non-legendary first stage Pokémon from the Emergency Pokémon supply with the exception of also being able to pick Marill, which became a second stage Pokémon in generation 3 of the main games. Pokémon that lack follower sprites at the moment are also not included.

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