Good Rod Exchange

The Fisherman who hands you the Good Rod.

Fishing is a way to catch Pokémon in the water. In fact, some Pokémon can only be caught by using a fishing rod. There are three fishing rods that are given out throughout the course of the game.

Obtaining the RodsEdit

To obtain each of the rods, you have to hand in the previous version. Of course, this isn't required for the Old Rod, which you obtain without needing to trade.

  • Old Rod: There is a Fisherman on Route 302. Talk to him and he will give you the Old Rod.

  • Good Rod: Obtained on Route 306 after defeating all of the Fishermen present on the bridge. Talk to the Fisherman at the end of the route to trade in your Old Rod and receive a Good Rod.
  • Super Rod: Obtained in Yangtze Town from the house under the Pokémon Center.