This page will inform you of how to start from scratch for beta testing Pokémon Zeta or Omicron. I am assuming that you have windows, as I do not own a Mac.

Downloading the GameEdit

Go to the reddit page to find the latest version to download.

The current latest version can be found here.

Note: I use Zeta throughout the tutorial, but Omicron works the same way.

Extracting to a FolderEdit

Assuming you already have 7zip or WinRAR .

Now that you have downloaded the base game, we need to extract the files from the zip folder into a normal folder. Personally, I will be putting my folder on the desktop. Now click and drag to select all files within the zip you downloaded, then drag them into your folder.



As the game is currently in development, we will have to patch the game occasionally. You can find the most recent patches on the front page of the reddit page. Across the top, there is a "latest patch" button you can click to take you there.

Currently, the latest patch can be found here:

After you have downloaded the required patch, we will need to extract its files into the proper locations. Within the zip file you will find folders that say "copy into XXXX" and some generic files under these. Copy the folders CONTENTS into the areas it says. The files not located within a folder just go into the root of your folder. 



Note: I only did 2 files in the example, do both folders as well.


Now that we have patched the game, we can begin to play! After any new patches come out, you will need to add them to your game in the same way we did in the last step repeating the process. 

Simply double click on the "game.exe" application in your folder to play the game. You can send a shortcut to the application by right clicking and then going to send to -> desktop


When you save your game, the location it will save in will be (on windows 7) C:\Users\YOUR-USER-ACCOUNT-HERE\Saved Games.

If you come across any difficulties, you can create a post on the reddit page. We will be happy to help!

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