HM Items are rare items in the game which can be used to complete tasks which normally require a Pokémon with an HM move. They have an infinite number of uses.
HM Items
Item Replaces HM Location Icon
Dolly Strength Inside Wonder Cave in Superior Town behind a boulder on the far right side of the floor that is already lit. Dolly
Machete Cut Near the player's Secret Base in Agassiz Town. Near the entrance, go to the right and continue along the ledge (for a long while) until reaching the end. There is a Pokéball with the Machete. Note: there is a rock blocking your path to the Machete until you defeat the Agassiz Gym. Machete
Instant Lapras Surf In Ladoga Town, in a house to the left of the shrine. Instantlapras
Jet Pack Waterfall In Treader Town in the second external part of Mt. Press, you need Rock Climb (and Hero's Sigil) to reach it.
Pickaxe Rock Smash Behind a rock that needs Rock Smash on the right side of the snow level of Mt. Press.
Scuba Gear Dive

In the maze section of Mt. Nova.

Hiking Boots Rock Climb In Maggiore City, left of the Pokécenter, you need Rock Climb (and Hero's Sigil) to reach it by going around the right side of town.
Rocket Boots Fly Near the entrance of Route 317, while headed towards Caspian City, up the stairs to the left deep into a stretch of grass.
Time Caller Tesseract

In the Museum in Onega Town, by using Tesseract where you first met Odin/Zeus (top-center) and then interacting with the display case.

Stargate Wormhole In a Wormhole entrance in Turkana Town.
Skeleton Key Secret Power In the player's Secret Base, upon upgrading to tier 2.
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