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TM 94: Rock SmashEdit

Rock Smash, formerly known as HM06, was rebranded as a TM in Generation V. Regardless, in Pokémon Zeta and Omicron it is still required to progress through the storyline. It operates in the same way as other HM moves in the sense that it allows interaction with the world, in the form of smashing breakable rocks. Rock Smash can be found in the southwest corner of the Blackfist City Safari Zone, where it rests on a lowered rock plateau near a patch of water.

However, in order for the player to be capable of using Rock Smash to begin with, they must acquire the Kinetic Badge from the Blackfist City Gym.

Places where you use rock smash

1 - At Mt. Press, after the 1st waterfall there's 2 waterfalls, one at the left, with a pokemon nurse at the top and the other at the right. you get Banettite.

2 - Pickaxe. Mt. Press, the first snowy part, right side.

3 - Shadow Path, between Onega Town and Fianga City. At the middle of the cave there's 3 rocks you can smash to enter a cave. Inside the cave there's a Delta Chimecho, a steel pokemon with level 25.

4 - Route 309[1] . Enter through the Route 310. Take the stairs that go down, above the entrance, and then go down and go left.

TM 125: Rock ClimbEdit

Rock Climb is used in many places in the game to reach legendary Pokémon. It is received from the guild leader of the Hiker's Unofficial Guild-Club in Maggiore City, and you need to beat the Sigil Hall in the same city to use it.

Pokemon Natural and Tutor moves.
HEADBUTT Naragex Forest
RETURN Scientist in Collider Lab, Fianga City
SWEET SCENT Oddish, etc., and he/she should learn sweet scent naturally.
SECRET POWER In Agassiz Town go northeast to a rocky mountain entrance (for the 1st time) a man will ran up to you and gives you this move TM 43, you can use it to open secret base entrances. (If you upgrade your secret base to the 2nd level, then you can obtain the skeleton key item and you won't have to use secret power all the time!)
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