Herculis Town
Special features

Timid Nature Changer, Safari Zone, Modest Nature Changer


Venusaurite/Blastoisite/Charizardite X/Y, Rare Candy, Garchompite

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades

Fairy-type -> Goomy



Connected areas

Katana Cave, Route 5X, Route 6X, Safari Zone 5

Herculis Town is a medium-sized town situated between Katana Cave, Route 5X to the south, and Route 6X to the north.


Shortly after entering the town from Katana Cave, the player will be confronted by a Cipher/Magma/Aqua Grunt who will inform them that their boss is waiting them in the Neurometrics Lab. After making their way over to the lab in the western part of the town, the player will learn that Team Cipher's next plan will take place at Therian Plateau, which resides to the south of Herculis Town. The player will then be required to assist their allies at this location.

After the events at Therian Plateau have been completed the player will gain access to the Purification Chamber inside of their PC. They will also be able to travel north to Route 6X. However, before doing this it would be a wise decision to explore more of Herculis Town for useful items and/or Pokémon. There is also yet another unobtainable item located between the trees to the northeast of the Neurometrics Lab which was placed there just to confuse the player.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Venusaurite Venusaurite Held by the corresponding Pokémon given to the player in the Neurometrics Lab (see obtainable Pokémon section for details). Note that Charizardite Y is available if the player sided with Team Magma/Aqua while Charizardite X is available if the player sided with Team Cipher.
Charizarditex Charizardite X
Charizarditey Charizardite Y
Blastoisite Blastoisite
Rarecandy Rare Candy Given by a Scientist on the second floor of the Neurometrics Lab
Garchompite Garchompite Found by walking into a hidden pathway behind the Neurometrics Lab and then entering the lab's secret entrance

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
001 Bulbasaur Given by the Scientist working at the computer on the second floor of the Neurometrics Lab. The Pokémon received will hold a Mega Stone corresponding to their final evolution (only one of the three Pokémon is given).
004 Charmander
007 Squirtle
664a Goomy Traded for a Fairy-type Pokémon by the Hiker in the apartments directly south of the Pokémon Center

Special FeaturesEdit

Safari ZoneEdit

Unlike the other Safari Zones, Safari Zone 5 does not feature any items or Legendary Pokémon hidden within its depths. However, the player may still explore the area to obtain various Pokémon that would be expected to reside in urban environments.

Modest Nature ChangerEdit

A man wandering around near the exit to Route 6X will offer to change the nature of one of the player's Pokémon to Modest. As with the other Nature Changers, this can only be done once.

Timid Nature ChangerEdit

An old man in the apartments to the southeast of the Pokémon Center will offer to change the nature of one of the player's Pokémon to Timid. As with the other Nature Changers, this can only be done once.

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