Kingdom City
Kingdom City
An early look at Kingdom City
Special features



Thunder Stone, Fire Stone OR Water Stone
10x Ultra Ball, 4x Big Nugget,
1x Air Balloon, Reuniclite, 1x Iron Ball, Kangaskhanite, 1x Weakness Policy,
1x Fresh Water, 1x Rare Candy,
1x Burn Heal, 3x Luxury Ball, Gengarite, Music Ticket, 1x Quick Ball,
TM22 SolarBeam, TM32 Double Team, TM42 Facade, TM62 Acrobatics

Pokemon given

Sewaddle (egg)

Pokemon trades

Any lvl 1 -> Solosis, Any -> Lickitung,
Any -> Ariados, Any -> Stoutland

Connected areas

Route 8X, Kingdom Cabinet

Kingdom City is the largest city in the entire game and is home to over 100 inhabitants, according to one of the NPCs living there. In addition to being extremely large in terms of map size, Kingdom City's houses exist on two different levels: the Upper Class and the Lower Class. For organizational purposes the Obtainable Items and Obtainable Pokémon sections will be split into Upper Class and Lower Class subsections.

A large amount of lag is expected to be experienced in this area due to its colossal map size.


Nearly everything within Kingdom City is optional and free to be investigated by the player at their own leisure; check the other sections for everything that is available in Kingdom City. However, there is one goal to continuing the storyline here: reaching the Kingdom Cabinet. Also, the Pokémon Center and Pokémart are both located in the eastern part of the city.

As a side note, as this may be missed otherwise, the east-most house (sometimes referred to as the "Swimmy House") just a little south of the entrance to Route 8X has wild Water-type Pokémon Encounters that are either exclusive or hard to find in other areas of the game. There is a little girl running around in an inner tube while talking about water in the house while there is in fact no visible water in the house.

TIP: Although this is not required because a Pokémon Center is situated in the eastern side of the city, any of the beds within the Upper Class houses can be used to fully heal the player's Pokémon. This may save some traveling time for the player if healing is needed due to the battles that lie ahead.

Once the player reaches the Kingdom Cabinet (which is a hard-to-miss large building to the south), they will arrive to see Maxie/Archie/Greevil waiting for them. After the protagonist's ally makes it clear that their plan is to fight their way back in order to reach the king, they will enter, and the player may then follow.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Lower ClassEdit

Item Location
Firestone Fire Stone Obtained from a man wandering directly to the left of the exit from Route 8X (only one is given)
Thunderstone Thunder Stone
Waterstone Water Stone
Ultraball Ultra Ball (x10) Obtained from a man in the house with the two Meowth (left of Route 8X entrance)
Obtained from a Hiker in an eastern house with a Mawile and an Exploud inside (agree with him).
Airballoon Air Balloon Obtained from a Metang in one of the houses to the left of the Route 8X entrance
Reuniclite Obtained with the Solosis trade (see Obtainable Pokémon section below)
Ironball Iron Ball Obtained from a girl in the mid-western part of the city
Flyingtm TM62 Acrobatics Obtained from the Black Belt running around in the upper middle section of the city
Kangaskhanite Kangaskhanite Offer to trade an Arceus in the house directly above the Pokemon Center (the Arceus will not actually be traded)
Weakness Policy Obtained from a Ranger in the southwestern part of the city
Freshwater Fresh Water Obtained from a scientist directly south of the Kingdom Cabinet
Bignugget Big Nugget (x3) Hidden in the wall directly to the left of the fountain located southeast of the Kingdom Cabinet
Grasstm TM22 SolarBeam Obtained from a Gentleman to the left of the fountain located southeast of the Kingdom Cabinet (he may be sneaky and wander under a bridge)
Rarecandy Rare Candy Obtained from a girl located south of the Pokemon Center
Normaltm TM42 Facade In a somewhat hidden path in the southeastern corner of the city
  • Note that though this isn't technically an item, the player may earn PokémonDollar2500 by robbing the Black Belt located east of the Kingdom Cabinet.

Upper ClassEdit

Item Location
Bignugget Big Nugget Obtained from a Gentleman in a house to the left of the Route 8X entrance
Burnheal Burn Heal Obtained from a Hiker in a house with an Espeon in the western part of the city
Normaltm TM32 Double Team Obtained from a Pokemaniac in a house with an Espeon in the western part of the city
Luxuryball Luxury Ball (x3) Obtained from a woman standing next to a house to the southwest of the Kingdom Cabinet
Gengarite Gengarite Obtained from a blond in a house to the southwest of the Kingdom Cabinet. The player must talk to him 4 times to receive it.
Music Ticket Obtained from a girl located in a house to the south of the Kingdom Cabinet
Quickball Quick Ball Obtained from a girl in a house to the southeast of the Kingdom Cabinet
Blastoisite Blastoisite Sold by a Hiker for 1000 Poké Dollars
Venusaurite Venusaurite
Charizarditex Charizardite X
Charizarditey Charizardite Y
Blazikenite Blazikenite
Sceptite Sceptite
Swampertite Swampertite
Mewtwonitex Mewtwonite X (Omicron Only)
Mewtwonitey Mewtwonite Y (Zeta Only)

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Lower ClassEdit

Pokémon Location
540 Sewaddle (egg) Obtained from the Hiker behind the building serving as an entrance to Route 8X
577 Solosis Traded for a level 1 Pokemon in a house behind some trees to the northwest
108 Lickitung Traded for any Pokemon in the house with a Jigglypuff in the southwest of the city

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
"Swimmy House"
009 Blastoise Z O 60-65  ??%
160 Feraligatr Z O 60-65  ??%
171 Lanturn Z O 60-65  ??%
195 Quagsire Z O 60-65  ??%
260 Swampert Z O 60-65  ??%
340 Whiscash Z O 60-65  ??%
395 Empoleon Z O 60-65  ??%
457 Lumineon Z O 60-65  ??%
503 Samurott Z O 60-65  ??%
537 Seismitoad Z O 60-65  ??%

Upper ClassEdit

Pokémon Location
168 Ariados Traded for any Pokémon from a Bug Catcher in a house to the left of the Route 8X entrance
508 Stoutland Traded for any Pokémon from a Cool Trainer in a house located directly south of the Pokémon Center
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