Ladoga Town
Special features



Type-boosting held items,
Instant Lapras, Carbos, Manectrite,
Continent Rope, Tower Photograph

Pokemon given

Happiny (Egg)

Pokemon trades


Connected areas

Route 311, Route 312, Cinnabar Island, Dino Island, Madrigal Garden, Shadow Island

Ladoga Town is the town situated between Route 311 and Route 312. There is a ferry landing to the south that will take the player to various locations by showing the Sailor a ticket in the player's Key Items pocket. There is also a Cycling Road entrance to the north, but it never opens.


Upon entering the Town and talking to some of the NPCs wandering around, the player learns that Team Asgard/Olympus is up to no good at the Ladoga Shrine. Once the player makes their way over to the shrine in the center of the town they will watch as the antagonists summon forth Divaevus before attempting to fight you two-on-one. However, Elite Four member Morgan steps in and joins you in a tag-team double battle. Once the player has emerged victorious from the battle, Morgan will have her Walrein use Roar and send Divaevus away again. She will then leave you to continue on your journey.

The Instant Lapras, the HM item for Surf, can be found in the furthest house to the north. The player may also visit the ferry landing to the far south but it is inaccessible without having a ticket first. Two brothers who refer to themselves as the Bobstan brothers (undoubtedly because their names are Bob and Stan) in the house directly to the left of the Ladoga Shrine sell type-enhancement held items and type-enhancing gems.

TIP: Because Bob sells Metal Coats here, this is the earliest opportunity that the player has to obtain a Scizor or Steelix, barring lucky encounters with Magnemite in the player's Secret Base.

A man hidden between the shrine and the Bobstan brothers' house will give the player an egg containing Happiny.

TIP: make sure to keep an empty slot in your party before attempting to receive Happiny.

Ancient TomesEdit

A man who collects Ancient Tomes can be found in the house above the Pokémon Center. If you find all 12 he will give you the Continent Rope which is used to enter Sephirot Cave on Route 320.


Once the player has cleared the entire plotline of the Vesryn region, Manectrite will appear in a somewhat hidden spot directly to the right of the entrance to the house where the Bobstan brothers live.


After clearing the entire plotline of the Aroma Region, the Lighthouse located northwest of the ferry landing will become accessible. At the top the player will then be able to battle Miror B. as many times as needed to capture any missing Shadow Pokémon that had been encountered up to that point. If the player has collected all of the Shadow Pokémon in the game then they will receive the Tower Photograph upon climbing up the lighthouse again.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Instantlapras Instant Lapras Talk to one of the Youngsters in the house furthest northwest. 
Carbos Carbos On the ground, northeast of the Ladoga Shrine.
Continentrope Continent Rope Given by the man in the house above the Pokémon Center after collecting all 12 Ancient Tomes
Manectite Manectrite Directly to the right of the entrance to the Bobstan brothers' house (requires Vesryn completion).
Tower Photograph At the top of the lighthouse once the player has captured every Shadow Pokémon up to that point in the game.

Bobstan BrothersEdit

The following is a list of items sold to the player by the Bobstan brothers

Salesman BobEdit

Item Price
Blackbeltitem Black Belt PokémonDollar2000
Blackglasses BlackGlasses PokémonDollar2000
Charcoal Charcoal PokémonDollar2000
Dragonfang Dragon Fang PokémonDollar2000
Hardstone Hard Stone PokémonDollar2000
Magnet Magnet PokémonDollar2000
Metalcoat Metal Coat PokémonDollar2000
Miracleseed Miracle Seed PokémonDollar2000
Mysticwater Mystic Water PokémonDollar2000
Nevermeltice NeverMeltIce PokémonDollar2000
Poisonbarb Poison Barb PokémonDollar2000
Sharpbeak Sharp Beak PokémonDollar2000
Silkscarf Silk Scarf PokémonDollar2000
Silverpowder SilverPowder PokémonDollar2000
Softsand Soft Sand PokémonDollar2000
Spelltag Spell Tag PokémonDollar2000
Twistedspoon TwistedSpoon PokémonDollar2000

Salesman StanEdit

Item Price
Firegem Fire Gem PokémonDollar200
Watergem Water Gem PokémonDollar200
Grassgem Grass Gem PokémonDollar200
Icegem Ice Gem PokémonDollar200
Fightinggem Fighting Gem PokémonDollar200
Electricgem Electric Gem PokémonDollar200
Poisongem Poison Gem PokémonDollar200
Groundgem Ground Gem PokémonDollar200
Psychicgem Psychic Gem PokémonDollar200
Flyinggem Flying Gem PokémonDollar200
Buggem Bug Gem PokémonDollar200
Rockgem Rock Gem PokémonDollar200
Ghostgem Ghost Gem PokémonDollar200
Dragongem Dragon Gem PokémonDollar200
Darkgem Dark Gem PokémonDollar200
Steelgem Steel Gem PokémonDollar200
Normalgem Normal Gem PokémonDollar200

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
440 Happiny (egg) Man hiding between the Bobstan brothers' house and the Ladoga Shrine

Special FeaturesEdit

Ferry LandingEdit

The pier in the southern part of the town can be used to access distant lands provided the Sailor is shown a ticket. The full list of tickets and their corresponding locations are given below.



Cinnabarticket Cinnabar Ticket Cinnabar Island
Dinoticket Dino Island
Music Ticket Madrigal Garden
BlackticketBlackticket Shadow Island

Battle at Ladoga ShrineEdit

Team Asgard/Olympus are at Ladoga Shrine trying to summon a legendary Pokémon. You will enter a double battle with Morgan against them.

Team Asgard Commanders Thor & Loki (Zeta)Edit





Trainer Pokémon Level Moves
Thor 239


34 Thunder Punch Fire Punch Ice Punch Brick Break
Loki 571


34 Extrasensory Scary Face Night Daze Flamethrower
Thor 405


37 Wild Charge Super Power Ice Fang ???
Loki 354


35 Shadow Claw Thunder Wave Confuse Ray ???
Thor 247


37 Ancient Power Flamethrower Dragon Claw Crunch
Thor 319


35 Surf Thrash Ice Fang Bite
Loki 302


37 Will-O-Wisp Confuse Ray Moonlight Night Shade
Reward: PokémonDollar5920

Team Olympus Commanders Apollo & Artemis (Omicron)Edit





Trainer Pokémon Level Moves
Artemis 234


34 Take Down Confuse Ray Calm Mind Role Play
Artemis 475


35 Fury Cutter Slash Heal Pulse Swords Dance
Artemis 337


37 Heal Block Rock Slide Rock Polish Psychic
Apollo 037


34 Flamethrower Captivate Roar Pursuit
Apollo 077


35 Flame Charge Wild Charge Bounce Flamethrower
Apollo 338


37 Hypnosis Rock Slide Rock Polish Psychic
Reward: PokémonDollar5920

Teammate: Elite Four MorganEdit

Pokémon Level Moves Item


35 Rain Dance Aqua Ring Roost Air Slash


35 Whirlpool Aqua Jet Swift Double Hit


35 Hail Aurora Beam Swagger Body Slam


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