Maggiore City
Special features



Rare Candy, Gracidea, Focus Sash, Mew Card, TM125 Rock Climb,
TM73 Thunder Wave, Hiking Boots, Feraligatite

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades

Any -> Machoke


Hall of Heroes

Connected areas

Maggiore Cave, Maggiore Underwater

Maggiore is the city that resides between Maggiore Cave and Maggiore Underwater. It is the home of the second Sigil Hall, the Hall of Heroes.


The trainers in this area give increased experience whenever their Pokémon are defeated in battle.

Upon arriving in Maggiore City the player is presented with two obstacles for progressing further in the game. Firstly, a wall exists in the northern part of the city that allows the player to continue onward to Maggiore Underwater, but only if they are capable of using Rock Climb. The TM for Rock Climb can be found in the house to the south of the entrance to Maggiore Cave, but to actually use this TM the player needs to clear the Hall of Heroes in the northern part of the city and earn the Hero's Sigil.

Once TM128 Rock Climb and the Hero's Sigil are in the player's grasp, they may then continue on their journey towards Skadar City.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Rarecandy Rare Candy Given by the Pokémaniac in the southwestern corner of the city
Gracidea Gracidea Given by a woman in the house directly south of the Poké Mart
Item566 Ancient Tome Found in the left side of the bookcase in the house directly south of the Poké Mart
Focussash Focus Sash Given by a Black Belt south of the entrance to Maggiore Cave
Normaltm TM125 Rock Climb Given by a Hiker in the eastern part of the house found south of the entrance to Maggiore Cave
Electrictm TM73 Thunder Wave Reward for defeating Corlett at the Hall of Heroes
Hiking Boots Found by using Rock Climb on the wall on the eastern edge of the city and then navigating north and west to reach the Pokéball sitting next to the Pokémon Center.
Feraligatite Feraligatite Found behind the Hall of Heroes (requires Wormhole to access)

Triple Triad CardEdit

Speaking with the Channeler in the eastern part of the city and answering "Yes" to her question will cause the player to obtain a Mew card as a reward.

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
511 Pansage Given by the woman in the house directly southwest of the Poké Mart. Only one is given to the player; the Pokémon received corresponds to the type that is super effective against the player's starter Pokémon.
513 Pansear
515 Panpour
067 Machoke Traded for any Pokémon by the female Ranger wandering directly to the west of the entrance to Maggiore Cave

Hall Of HeroesEdit

Similarly to the Hall of Victors, the Hall of Heroes features no puzzles and only requires three battles in order to gain access to Corlett of the Elite Four. On the third battle the player will be confronted by Claire, Corlett's fangirl, who uses Flying-type Pokémon instead of the Sigil Hall's Electric-type standard.

After defeating the Hall of Champions the player may then return to rematch against Corlett as many times as they desire.

Lesser TrainersEdit

Each of the lesser trainer's Pokémon is holding an Air Balloon, with the exception of those Pokémon that are already immune to Ground-type attacks.

Trainer Pokémon Level

Rocker Traja

181 Ampharos 91
466 Electivire 92
Rewards: PokémonDollar2208
Trainer Pokémon Level

Rocker Sammy

405 Luxray 92
604 Eelektross 92
417 Pachirisu 92
479 Rotom 94
Rewards: PokémonDollar2256

Corlett Fangirl ClaireEdit

Pokémon Level Moves Item


93 Sky Attack Aura Sphere Extreme Speed Air Slash None


94 Air Slash Bounce Aqua Ring Hydro Pump None


94 Shadow Ball Amnesia Baton Pass Explosion None


95 Captivate Attack Order Swagger Destiny Bond None


95 Encore Agility Volt Switch Discharge None


96 Autotomize Air Slash Slash Night Slash None
Reward: PokémonDollar7680

Elite Four CorlettEdit



Items: Full Restore x4

Pokémon Level Moves Item


95 Charge Discharge Hydro Pump Aqua Ring Watergem

Water Gem



97 Ice Beam X-Scissor Sucker Punch Discharge Choicescarf

Choice Scarf



97 Discharge Charge Ice Beam Crunch None

Ampharos (Mega)*

98 Focus Blast Power Gem Dragon Pulse Discharge Ampharosite




96 Zap Cannon Gyro Ball Metal Sound Screech Electricgem

Electric Gem



96 Thunder Screech Giga Impact Thunderbolt Airballoon

Air Balloon

Reward: PokémonDollar9800, Heros Sigil Hero's Sigil, Electrictm TM73 Thunder Wave

Trivia Edit

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