Midnight Mansion
Special features

Legendary Pokémon


Reaper Cloth x2, Max Ether x3,
Ultra Ball x3

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Map Midnight Mansion

Midnight Mansion is an extremely dark area with 6 floors which serves as the home of Cresselia (Omicron) or Darkrai (Zeta).


TIP: Bring an Escape Rope before entering this area.

The player must traverse through the six floors of spiry corridors in order to reach the legendary corresponding to the version being played. The best way to navigate through Midnight Mansion is to teach a Pokémon Flash and increase the player's field of vision. However, if a Pokémon with Flash cannot be acquired then most of the area's mazes can still be navigated by following one wall until the exit is reached. However, this technique does not work for the 5th floor, as seen below:

Map of Floor 5Edit

Midnight Mansion 5


The player's patience with traversing through Midnight Mansion shall reward them with an opportunity to face Cresselia (Omicron) or Darkrai (Zeta) in battle. Both Pokémon are at level 60 when encountered.

TIP: Though the player will likely never want to return to this location again after acquiring the legendary on the top floor, Midnight Mansion still remains an excellent location for EV training Special Attack until better options are obtained in the Aroma Region.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Reapercloth Reaper Cloth (x2) Floor 1
Floor 4
Ultraball Ultra Ball (x3) Floor 4
Maxether Max Ether (x3) Floor 5

Encounterable Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
Floor 1
094 Gengar Z O 48-50 40%
356 Dusclops Z O 48-50 20%
608 Lampent Z O 48-50 40%
Special Pokémon
488 Cresselia Z O 60 One
491 Darkrai Z O 60 One
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