Mining Cave Mini Game

The mini game in the Mining Cave

The Mining Cave is an expansion purchasable for the Secret Base. It gives you access to a minigame in which you can collect various different items by digging into the wall. You have a limited amount of clicks before the wall collapses. You can mine for items as much as you like. (Can also be used to get infinite money at cost of patience)

To change tools press the shift key

The MinigameEdit

Nearly Completed

A nearly completed dig

The minigame in the Mining Cave gives you access to a lot of different items. By select either a chisel (blue) or a hammer (red), you have to unearth the items hidden underneath the soil.

The chisel provides a very small AoE, and you can get 49 clicks in if you use it exclusively, whereas the hammer provides you with a larger and stronger AoE, but only gives you 17 clicks.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

  • Shards (Yellow, Green, Blue, Red): Use as payment for the Move Tutors in the Aroma Secret Base
  • Star Piece: Sell to the Fossil Maniac for PokémonDollar4900
  • Rare Bone: Sell to the Fossil Maniac for PokémonDollar5000

For detailed information on droprates, visit the following Google Doc , which is a work in progress.