Mysterious Cave
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Route 316, Huron Town

Map Mysterious Cave

The Mysterious Cave is an aquatic pathway which connects Route 316 and Huron Town together. Despite its appearance on the Vesryn Region map, it is not accessed through Caspian City. As it requires Dive in order for it to be navigated, the Mysterious Cave can only be explored once the player has obtained all of the Badges of the Vesryn Region.


Assuming that the player doesn't somehow lose their bearings after facing a wild Pokémon in battle, this area is fairly straightforward to navigate through and is completely devoid of random trainer encounters. The player simply needs to Dive below the water in some sections and resurface in others, entering additional cave entrances and pathways along the way.

Eventually the player will reach an area where the weather changes to rain, which will be the first major indicator that they have arrived in Huron Town.

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
226 Mantine Z O 49-51 60%
320 Wailmer Z O 49-51 30%
422 Shellos Z O 49-51 10%
593 Jellicent Z O 49-51 10%
Old Rod
130 Gyarados Z O 49-51 100%
Good Rod
062 Poliwrath Z O 49-51 20%
130 Gyarados Z O 49-51 60%
148 Dragonair Z O 49-51 20%
Super Rod
119 Seaking Z O 49-51 40%
224 Octillery Z O 49-51 40%
319 Sharpedo Z O 49-51 15%
349 Feebas Z O 49-51 1%
457 Lumineon Z O 49-51 4%
366 Clamperl Z O 52-54  ??%
367 Huntail Z O 52-54  ??%