Naragex Forest
Naragex Forest
Naragex Forest at sunset
Special features

Celebi Shrine, Headbutt Move Tutor


Poké Ball, Great Ball, 2x Oran Berry, 2x Pecha Berry

Connected areas

Route 301, Superior City

Map Naragex Forest

 Naragex Forest is a dense grove tucked into Route 301 and is the only path between Zarivar Town and Superior City. The forest was once protected by the Legendary Pokémon Celebi, but now all that remains is its shrine. There are no trainers looking to challenge travelers.


The path through Naragex Forest begins in the northwest corner. From there the path heads east through some grass, with a house to the north. Inside the house is a Poké Ball in front of the sink. The Gentleman at the table is also willing to battle trainers if they tell him they believe themselves to be powerful trainers. If defeated, he will give the player a Great Ball.

Back outside the house, the path continues east and turns a corner south and backtracks to the west. On the northern side of the path are two berry trees with two Oran Berries and two Pecha Berries. The patches of soil underneath can be used to plant or replant berries.

Continuing west is a fork in the road. To the west/north is a Hypno that is key to progressing through Superior City. The Hypno cannot be battled or captured. To the north of the Hypno is a shrine to Celebi as well as a man who will teach Pokémon Headbutt. There is no limit to how many Pokémon he will teach.

Continuing south and east past the fork toward the shrine will lead to the other side of Route 301 into Superior City.


A special encounter with Celebi will occur if the player interacts with the shrine after using Tesseract. Celebi is at level 100 when encountered. Be careful when attempting to capture it as it knows Perish Song.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Pokeball Poké Ball Inside Gentleman Matthew's house.
Greatball Great Ball Won from battle with Gentleman Matthew.
Oranberry Oran Berry (x2) Northern side of path, about halfway through the forest.
Pechaberry Pecha Berry (x2) Northern side of path, about halfway through the forest.


Trainer Pokémon Level

Gentleman Matthew

019 Rattata 7
Rewards: PokémonDollar504, Great Ball

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
012 Butterfree Z O 10-15 1%
015 Beedrill Z O 10-15 1%
046 Paras Z O 4-5 20%
163 Hoothoot Z O 4-5 10%
165 Ledyba Z O 4-5 8%
204 Pineco Z O 4-5 10%
285 Shroomish Z O 4-5 20%
401 Kricketot Z O 4-5 10%
548 Petilil Z O 4-5 20%
056 Mankey Z O 5-12 35%
187 Hoppip Z O 5-7 5%
204 Pineco Z O 5-7 40%
597 Ferroseed Z O 5-7 20%
Special Pokémon
251 Celebi Z O 100 One
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