Nyasa Town
After Destruction
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Legendary Pokémon, Photograph Man



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Connected areas

Escape Route, Route 307, Pokehadron Collider

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Nyasa Town is the hometown of the protagonist, however it is not the town which they start in. It leads to the Escape Route to the east, Route 307 to the south, and into the Pokehadron Collider in the middle of the ruined town.


After passing through Fianga City for the first time, a cutscene will play in Route 307, in which the player confronts Team Asgard/Olympus. There will be an earthquake, and they will inform the player that Nyasa Town has been absolutely destroyed.

The area itself is covered in a rocky, wasted terrain, which have short, one-space Rock Climb rocks. However, the player does not need the TM for Rock Climb in this specific area. There are two cave entrances, one which leads to the Escape Route, and one which leads to the Pokehadron Collider. The player must proceed into the Collider to continue with their journey.

TIP: The player cannot leave the tunnel leading into the Pokehadron Collider after entering it, so they should make sure they're fully prepared to face what lies ahead before progressing further.

After the Elite FourEdit

After defeating the Elite Four and the Champion, the player will not see an end-credit sequence. Instead, they will hear that Odin/Zeus has captured Divaevus, and is using it to exact his revenge on the protagonist, as well as realize his dream of becoming a god. The player battles him in Nyasa Town, while he uses Divaevus.

After Obtaining HMXXEdit


Old Nyasa Town

Once the player has access to Tesseract they can scale the rocks all the way at the back of the town to find a rock in the northwest corner which is revealed to have been the player's home upon interacting with it. If the player uses Tesseract here they are taken to Nyasa Town as it was before being destroyed, as seen to the right.

Speaking with the scientist in the house in the northwest corner will allow the player to receive the Dinoticket. Speaking with the Team Asgard/Olympus Grunt standing beside the entrance to the Pokehadron Collider will give the player a bit more background information on the events that occurred in the story. An old man in the northeast corner of town will examine any Photographs you bring to him and tell you more about them.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Dinoticket From the scientist in the northwestern house (pre-destruction)

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
Special Pokémon
650 Divaevus Z O 90 One

Special FeaturesEdit

Photograph ManEdit

The old man in the northeastern corner of town will examine any Photographs that the player brings him.

Legendary PokémonEdit

If the player obtains the Burnt Photograph they can trigger an event here that will allow the player to capture Divaevus at level 100. No more information will be revealed concerning this event due to the massive spoilers it contains.

Boss BattleEdit

Zeus (Omicron)Edit



Items: Full Restore x3

Pokémon Level Moves
376Metagross 74 Psychic Meteor Mash Zen Headbutt Bullet Punch
75 Air Slash Energy Ball Agility Earth Power
650Divaevus 77 Dragon Pulse Tesseract ExtremeSpeed Psychic
Reward: PokémonDollar7700

Odin (Zeta)Edit



Items: Full Restore x3

Pokémon Level Moves
373Salamence 74 Zen Headbutt Dragon Claw Crunch Dragon Dance
75 Air Slash Energy Ball Agility Earth Power
650Divaevus 77 Dragon Pulse Tesseract ExtremeSpeed Psychic
Reward: PokémonDollar7700

Trivia Edit

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