Onega Town
Onega Town
Special features

Safari Zone, Hidden Grotto


Ancient Tome, Pokégear,
9 kinds of Berries, Great Ball,
TM86 Grass Knot

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades



Grass-type gym

Connected areas

Route 303, Safari Zone 1, Onega Town Museum, Shadow Path

Onega Town contains the second Gym and a museum.

It connects with Route 303 to the east, with Shadow Path to the west and Safari Zone 1 to the north.


A brief look around Onega Town should reveal that something isn't right very quickly as two suspicious characters are standing outside of the Onega Town Museum. Onega Town offers several things to explore and doesn't require that the main storyline points be done in a specific order. Therefore the player has the option of either completing the gym first or putting it off to investigate the commotion at the museum, but they cannot progress further without completing both areas.

Exploring the rest of the town will reveal a house in the southeast corner which appears to be haunted upon entering. Interacting with the TV and answering its questions correctly will give the player a chance to capture a level 10 Rotom as well as change its forme by interacting with the TV again while Rotom is in the front of the party. An Ancient Tome can be found buried in the plant directly to the right of the door. Outside of the house is a berry patch containing 8 different types of berries for the player to harvest. A reporter standing outside of the patch will give the player a Great Ball for answering the questions she asks. To the west below the berry patch is the entrance to Shadow Path, which is currently inaccessible. However, the player can still pick up the Pokégear sitting on the ground outside of Shadow Path. The first Safari Zone can be found to the northeast.

TIP: If the player accidentally knocks out Rotom then it will not spawn again. However, there is another Rotom that can be obtained much later in the game in Constance City. Make a habit of saving before engaging any battles against special encounters such as this Rotom. The player may want to also disable autosave temporarily in case the game saves over having knocked out the Pokémon in question.

After Completing the MuseumEdit

Defeating Team Asgard/Olympus in the museum immediately generates a cut-scene back outside in Onega Town. During this cut-scene the player watches as Team Asgard/Olympus's leader, Odin/Zeus, uses the Time Caller to cause Shaymin to appear. Zeus/Odin will then capture the newly summoned Shaymin in a Master Ball before warning you to stay out of his way. This leaves you with no option but to continue your journey through Shadow Path assuming the Onega gym has been completed.

After Obtaining CutEdit

Once the player has obtained Cut they are then granted access to Onega Town's Hidden Grotto

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Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Oranberry Oran Berry (x14) Berry patch in the northwest
Chestoberry Chesto Berry (x6) Berry patch in the northwest
Persimberry Persim Berry (x4) Berry patch in the northwest
Figyberry Figy Berry (x2) Berry patch in the northwest
Iapapaberry Iapapa Berry (x2) Berry patch in the northwest
Pechaberry Pecha Berry (x2) Berry patch in the northwest
Aguavberry Aguav Berry (x2) Berry patch in the northwest
Magoberry Mago Berry (x2) Berry patch in the northwest
Wikiberry Wiki Berry (x2) Berry patch in the northwest
Item566 Ancient Tome Inside of a potted plant in the southeastern corner of the house where Rotom is found.
Greatball Great Ball Complete the reporter's questionnaire in the northwest of town
Pokegear On the ground outside of Shadow Path
Grasstm TM86 Grass Knot Reward for defeating Gideon at the Onega Town Gym

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
Special Pokémon
479 Rotom Z O 10 One

Special FeaturesEdit

Safari ZoneEdit

Safari Zone 1 is located here in the northeast of town. The player must pay PokémonDollar500 to be able to throw up to 30 Safari Balls at wild Pokémon. If they player runs more than 600 steps or uses all of their Safari Balls then the Safari Zone challenge is over and the player returns to the entrance.

Hidden GrottoEdit

Once the player has obtained Cut they are then granted access to Onega Town's Hidden Grotto. Some of these encounters will be the same as what can be found in other Hidden Grottos while others will be exclusive.

Onega GymEdit

Grass-type Gym

This gym lacks any trainers aside from the gym leader himself. To reach him, the player must traverse through a series of teleportatin southeast.

Guide to reaching Gym Leader: Take the left portal, then southeast, left and down, then the portal to the right.

Gym Leader GideonEdit



Items: Potion x4

Pokémon Level Moves
152Chikorita 16 Headbutt Razor Leaf Synthesis Poison Powder
470Leafeon 16 Grass Whistle Razor Leaf Quick Attack Grass Knot
274Nuzleaf 17 Razor Leaf Fake Out Nature Power Grass Knot
Reward: PokémonDollar1700, Nature Badge Nature Badge, Grasstm TM86 Grass Knot


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