Route 308
Special features



Super Potion x2, Revive

Connected areas

Fianga City, Kariba Town

Map Route 308

Route 308 is the route just south of Fianga City. It leads to Kariba Town which is situated before Agassiz Town.


Aside from facing various trainers along the way, this route is fairly uneventful with no items or special features to take advantage of. However, this route is the first chance that the player has to encounter Generation VI Pokémon, barring Mystery Gifts. The player must make their way south to Kariba Town to continue on their quest.

Note: while surfing is possible when approached from certain edges, it is not recommended since leaving the water will require flying away. Stepping back onto the shore is not possible.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Superpotion Super Potion (x2) To the left of Painter Tamara
Revive Revive Towards the end of the route, to the right of Bug Catcher Hans


Trainer Pokémon Level
TamerTamer Josh 002 Ivysaur 21
008 Wartortle 22
005 Charmeleon 22
Rewards: PokémonDollar880
Trainer Pokémon Level
EngineerEngineer Aaron 081 Magnemite 21
201 Unown 23
Rewards: PokémonDollar1104
Trainer Pokémon Level
BeautyBeauty Majesia 281 Kirlia 21
428 Lopunny 22
Rewards: PokémonDollar1232
Trainer Pokémon Level
FishermanFisherman Lysander 194 Wooper 19
195 Quagsire 23
Rewards: PokémonDollar736
Trainer Pokémon Level
PokemaniacPoké Maniac Jamal 188 Skiploom 24
015 Beedrill 22
267 Beautifly 22
Rewards: PokémonDollar1536
Trainer Pokémon Level
GentlemanGentleman Patrick 122 Mr. Mime 21
532 Timburr 22
Rewards: PokémonDollar1584
Trainer Pokémon Level
PainterPainter Tamara 235 Smeargle 20
235 Smeargle 20
Rewards: PokémonDollar320
Trainer Pokémon Level
FishermanFisherman Ori 130 Gyarados 24
Rewards: PokémonDollar768
Trainer Pokémon Level
BirdkeeperBird Keeper Wyatt 017 Pidgeotto 22
397 Staravia 22
277 Swellow 23
Rewards: PokémonDollar736
Trainer Pokémon Level
BirdkeeperPokémon Ranger Blue 327 Spinda 22
327 Spinda 22
322 Numel 22
Rewards: PokémonDollar1320
Trainer Pokémon Level
Bug CatcherBug Catcher Hans 015 Beedril 21
047 Parasect 24
Rewards: PokémonDollar384

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
060 Poliwag Z O 14-17 40%
729 Espurr Z O 14-17 30%
733 Helioptile Z O 14-17 30%
007 Squirtle Z O 12-14 65%
194 Wooper Z O 12-14 35%
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