Route 7X
Special features



1x PP Up

Connected areas

Polaris Town, Centauri Town, Yggdrasil Cave

Map Route 7X

Route 7X is the route that connects Polaris Town, Centauri Town, and Yggdrasil Cave together. It is a fairly standard route aside from the fact that it does not allow the player to walk back to Polaris Town upon entering the route.


TIP: The player should make sure they have a way of using Surf and Fly before entering this route.

After leaving Polaris Town the player will find him or herself located in what is referred to as Mt Epsilon Slope. However, this does not last for long as the player is able to walk straight down and slide down the wall at the very bottom of the short map. Doing so will prevent the player from returning to Polaris Town except by using Fly.

TIP: In the event that the player has somehow made it to this point in the game without ever obtaining the HM or HM Item for Fly then they will be trapped in this area of the game for all eternity.

After sliding down the mountain the player will be able to wander around the route and make their way south towards Centauri Town. Somewhere around the halfway point of the route, the player will be forced to Surf across a lake before resuming their trek on land again. The player then only needs to continue through the route as normal until they make it to Centauri Town.

After Completing the Aroma StorylineEdit

Once the storyline has been completed in the Aroma Region an opening will appear in the trees directly after the player returns to land after Surfing over the lake. Following this path and using Rock Climb and Dive when needed, the player will discover the Yggdrasil Cave.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Ppup PP Up To the right of where the player arrives from Mt. Epsilon Slope


Trainer Pokémon Level
ChannelerChanneler Scioa 358 Chimecho 75
103 Exeggutor 75
429 Mismagius 76
202 Wobbuffet 76
308 Medicham 76
Rewards: PokémonDollar2432
Trainer Pokémon Level
Bug Catcher

Bug Catcher Hodor

558 Crustle 75
589 Escavalier 76
015 Beedrill 76
212 Scizor 76
Rewards: PokémonDollar1216
Trainer Pokémon Level

Gentleman Moivern

026 Raichu 76
324 Torkoal 76
068 Machamp 76
009 Blastoise 76
Rewards: PokémonDollar5472
Trainer Pokémon Level
LassLass Nori 045 Vileplume 76
227 Skarmory 76
085 Dodrio 77
Rewards: PokémonDollar1232
Trainer Pokémon Level
YoungsterYoungster Hogg 020 Raticate 76
435 Skuntank 77
400 Bibarel 77
505 Watchog 76
Rewards: PokémonDollar1232
Trainer Pokémon Level
PsychicfPsychic Sadri 606 Beheeyem 76
282 Gardevoir 77
475 Gallade 77
Rewards: PokémonDollar2464
Trainer Pokémon Level

Scientist Coridan

437 Bronzong 76
476 Probopass 76
395 Empoleon 77
448 Lucario 77
411 Bastiodon 77
Rewards: PokémonDollar3696
Trainer Pokémon Level

Blackbelt Donnan

560 Scrafty 77
107 Hitmonchan 77
106 Hitmonlee 77
237 Hitmontop 77
Rewards: PokémonDollar2464
Trainer Pokémon Level

Pokémon Ranger Okuno

596 Galvantula 77
232 shadow Donphan (Shadow) 74
617 Accelgor 77
561 Sigilyph 78
Rewards: PokémonDollar4680

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
254 Sceptile Z O 64-68  ??%
275 Shiftry Z O 64-68  ??%
510 Liepard Z O 64-68  ??%
542 Leavanny Z O 64-68  ??%
730 Meowstic Z O 64-68  ??%
734 Heliolisk Z O 64-68  ??%
735 Klefki Z O 64-68  ??%
055 Golduck Z O 68-72  ??%
222 Corsola Z O 68-72  ??%
342 Crawdaunt Z O 68-72  ??%
419 Floatzel Z O 68-72  ??%
Old Rod
129 Magikarp Z O 68-72 100%
Good Rod
090 Shellder Z O 68-72  ??%
098 Krabby Z O 68-72  ??%
339 Barboach Z O 68-72  ??%
Super Rod
121 Starmie Z O 68-72  ??%
171 Lanturn Z O 68-72  ??%
211 Qwilfish Z O 68-72  ??%
222 Corsola Z O 68-72  ??%
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