Safari Zone 2
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TM94 Rock Smash

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Blackfist City

Map Safari Zone 2

Safari Zone 2 is the second of seven Safari Zones, and is located in Blackfist City The zones are unique in that no Pokémon battles are permitted and they feature several rare Pokémon, some of whom cannot be found outside of the zone. Safari Zone 2 is a cave, and features two large lakes in the west, and one lake in the southeast. 

Walkthrough Edit

An attendant guards the entrance between Blackfist City and the zone, charging PokémonDollar500 per visit. He also confiscates the player's Pokémon for the duration of their visit and equips the player with Safari Balls, Rocks, and Bait to assist the player in capturing Pokémon.

Once inside, the player is free to roam through the cave or fish and surf the lakes in order to catch Pokémon. The player is limited to 600 steps and 30 safari balls per visit. The visit ends when the player runs out of either.

The best method for capturing Pokémon in the zone is to only use the Safari Balls, as both the bait and rock increase the chance of a Pokémon fleeing while doing little to nothing to assist in capturing them.

TM94 Rock Smash can be found next to the southwestern lake.

Larvitar and Gible can be found in specific locations, wandering around the cave. They only have a chance of spawning each time the player enters the safari zone. Larvitar is north of the entrance and in the middle east of the map, Gible is in the northeast and northwest of the Safari Zone.

Landorus Edit

After obtaining Dive, the Legendary Pokémon Landorus is accessible in the eastern lake. It will appear at level 60 and the player must still capture it using Safari Balls.

TIP: Save before fighting Landorus, as it is capable of fleeing and will not respawn if the player fails to catch it.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Fightingtm TM94 Rock Smash Directly beside the southwestern lake

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
076 Golem Z O 16 or 19 5%
095 Onix Z O 16 4%
218 Slugma Z O 16-17 10%
246 Larvitar Z O 17 1%
343 Baltoy Z O 15-18 20%
369 Relicanth Z O 15-17 5%
525 Boldore Z O 15-18 30%
558 Crustle Z O 15-16 5%
618 Stunfisk Z O 14-17 10%
622 Golett Z O 15-18 10%
131 Lapras Z O 14-17 10%
170 Chinchou Z O 16-18 60%
270 Lotad Z O 15-18 30%
Old Rod
129 Magikarp Z O 17-21 100%
Good Rod
060 Poliwag Z O 17-18 20%
129 Magikarp Z O 16-20 75%
147 Dratini Z O 16-20 5%
Super Rod
118 Goldeen Z O 16-18  ??%
223 Remoraid Z O 17-19  ??%
318 Carvanha Z O 16-17  ??%
349 Feebas Z O 17 1%
456 Finneon Z O 15-18  ??%
Special Pokémon
645 Landorus Z O 60 One

Wandering PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
246 Larvitar Randomly spawns directly north of the Safari Zone entrance
Randomly spawns directly northeast of the southwestern lake
443 Gible Randomly spawns in the northeastern corner of the map
Randomly spawns in the northwestern corner of the map