Shadow Path
Shadow Path
Special features

Delta Pokémon


Great Ball

Connected areas

Onega Town, Fianga City

Map Shadow Path

The Shadow Path is a dark cave that connects Onega Town and Fianga City.


TIP: It is very dark so TM70 Flash might be useful here. You will also need a Pokémon or item capable of using Strength.

When first entering the cave you are approached by a person with green hair rambling about the souls of Pokémon who are calling to him. He then pushes you to the side and heads off and you are free to explore the cave as you like.

The cave is quite easy to navigate through, you just have to push a few boulders around with Strength or the Dolly. An area of the cave is inaccessible until the player obtains Rock Smash. There is an item  which requires Strength or Dolly to make your way to, but is impossible to reach without resorting to map refreshing. However, this is pointless as there is nothing inside of the Pokéball, which was placed there for the creator's own amusement. There is a Great Ball below the ledges towards the end of the cave. When you've reached the other side, you will surface in Fianga City.

After obtaining Rock SmashEdit

Once the player has obtained Rock Smash they will be able to access the room surrounded by the three cracked rocks. Delta Chimecho is then encountered in this room. It is at level 25 when encountered.

TIP: Save before fighting Delta Chimecho, as it will not spawn again later.

Obtainable thingsEdit

Item Location
Greatball Great Ball Towards the bottom of the ledges below the cave entrance from Fianga City

Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
Main Cave
050 Diglett Z O 12-14 20%
524 Roggenrola Z O 12-14 30%
557 Dwebble Z O 12-14 30%
588 Karrablast Z O 12-15 5%
616 Shelmet Z O 12-15 5%
624 Pawniard Z O 12-14 10%
Special Pokémon
663 Delta Chimecho Z O 25 One
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