Shadow Pokémon pay homage to Pokémon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. They are captured Pokémon that have been corrupted by the "Shadow Plague," and as such, can no longer gain experience or level up.  Their "Shadow" moves have unlimitid

PP and are always super effective, except against other Shadow Pokémon, in which case they are not very effective.

They can potentially be captured from their trainer and then purified. To purify a shadow Pokémon just walk around with it; its heart gauge goes down similarly to how an egg is normally hatched. When the gauge is at 0 it will say "Undo the final lock!" This is done at the Relic Stone in Origin City. The heart gauge can also be brought down with items called scents. There are three types of scents; Joy, Excite and Vivid. These are purchasable in Antares Town in the house to the right of the Pokémon Center.


Shadow PokémonEdit

A total of 41 Shadow Pokémon are available, though some are version exclusive. For a full list of Shadow Pokémon, view this page.

Shadow MovesEdit

Move Pow./Acc. Category Description
Shadow Blast 80/100 Special A wicked blade of air is formed using a shadowy aura.
Shadow Blitz 40/100 Physical A Pokemon throws this tackle while casting a shadowy aura.
Shadow Break 75/100 Physical A shattering ram attack with a shadowy aura.
Shadow Chill 75/100 Special A shadowy ice attack that may freeze.
Shadow Crush 85/90 Physical A powerful shadow move that crushes the opponent.
Shadow Down --/100 Status A shadowy aura sharply cuts the foe´s Defense.
Shadow End 120/60 Special A shadowy aura ram attack that also rebounds on the user. (Note: recoil damage is always half the user's remaining health, rounded down and applied before Hyper Mode damage.)
Shadow Fire 75/100 Special A shadowy fireball attack that may inflict a burn.
Shadow Gale 90/80 Special A huge storm of chaos launches spikes at the opponent.
Shadow Half --/100 Status A shadowy aura's energy cuts everyone's HP by half. (Note: Requires a recharge turn, like Hyper Beam and its various clones.)
Shadow Heat 90/80 Special A chaotic surge of magma and heat that may burn.
Shadow Hold --/100 Status The opponent Pokémon cannot escape.
Shadow Mist --/100 Status A shadowy aura sharply cuts the foe's evasiveness.
Shadow Panic --/90 Status A shadowy aura emanates to confuse the foe.
Shadow Rave 70/100 Special A shadowy aura in the ground is used to launch spikes.
Shadow Rush 55/100 Physical A reckless move that also hurts the user. (Note: doesn't seem to actually have recoil outside of the damage Hyper Mode gives all attacks.)
Shadow Shed --/100 Status A shadowy aura eliminates Reflect and similar moves.
Shadow Sky --/100 Status Darkness hurts all but Shadow Pokémon for 5 turns.
Shadow Storm 95/100 Special A shadowy aura is used to whip up a vicious tornado.
Shadow Surf 90/80 Special A shadowy surge of water cold enough to freeze.
Shadow Sword --/-- Status The user lunges with an evil sword, slicing the foes in its path; (Note: currently labeled as a normal type move, and doesn't do anything except waste your turn)
Shadow Wave 50/100 Special Shadowy aura waves are loosed to inflict damage.
Shadow Wrath 120/80 Physical A powerful shadow move that recoils on the user. (Note: doesn't seem to actually have recoil outside of the damage Hyper Mode gives all attacks.)
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