The Hall of Heroes in Maggiore City.

A Sigil Hall is a challenge similar to a gym, except run by Elite Four members and unique to the Vesryn Region. Only trainers who have defeated the Quasar League can challenge the five Sigil Halls of the Vesryn Region. The first four Sigil Halls can be battled an infinite amount of times, but Red's Hall of Legends can only be beaten once. (However Red can be rematched when using Tesseract at where he used to be). Sigil Halls are very difficult challenges that require incredibly strong Pokémon.

The Hall of VictorsEdit

The Hall of Victors is located in Dojran City, at the base of the Vesryn Spear. It is accessed by speaking to the sign located in the middle of the town and is run by Tobias, a Dark type trainer. The Hall of Victors is the first Sigil Hall accessible in the Vesryn Region storyline.


Pokémon Level Type Held Item
Honchkrow 84 Dark/Flying Focus Sash
Tyranitar 85 Rock/Dark Air Balloon
Hydreigon 86 Dark/Dragon Life Orb
Absol (Mega) 83 Dark Absolite
Houndoom 84 Dark/Fire None
Spiritomb 85 Ghost/Dark None

The Hall of HeroesEdit

The Hall of Heroes is located in Maggiore City and is run by Corlett, who trains Electric type Pokémon. Some of his Pokémon have modified movesets in order to make the Sigil Hall more difficult, such as his Eelektross, which knows Ice Beam.


Pokémon Level Type Held Item
Lanturn 95 Water/Electric Water Gem
Galvantula 97 Bug/Electric Choice Scarf
Eelektross 97 Electric None
Ampharos (Mega) 98 Electric/Dragon Ampharosite
Magnezone 96 Electric/Steel Electric Gem
Electivire 96 Electric Air Balloon
  • Note: Despite having a Choice Scarf equipped, Galvantula is not always restricted to using only one move due to a glitch regarding Choice items.

The Hall of ChampionsEdit

The Hall of Champions is located in Skadar City and is the third Sigil Hall in the Vesryn Region. It is run by Water type trainer Morgan, the third member of the Elite Four. The HM Dive is required to access this Sigil Hall until the Scuba Gear is found.


Pokémon Level Type Held Item
Swampert 103 Water/Ground Life Orb
Kingdra 106 Water/Dragon Life Orb
Empoleon 105 Water/Steel Petaya Berry
Blastoise (Mega) 105 Water Blastoisite
Gyarados 104 Water/Flying Focus Sash
Starmie 104 Water/Psychic Choice Specs
  • Note: Despite having a Choice Specs equipped, Morgan's Starmie is not always locked into one attack due to a glitch involving Choice items.

The Hall of MastersEdit

The Hall of Masters is located in Constance City and is run by the Dragon trainer Wilson, the final member of the Elite Four. He uses six fake Pokémon or Fakemon based on real Dragon type Pokémon.


Pokémon Level Type Held Item
RizeFlygon 110 Dragon/Fire Power Herb
Megasparce 113 Dragon/Normal White Herb
Machamence 112 Dragon/Flying Expert Belt
CyberGoomy 111 Dragon/Steel Metal Coat
Hydreigod 112 Dragon/Dark Expert Belt
WarHaxorus 113 Dragon/Steel Persim Berry

The Hall of LegendsEdit

The Hall of Legends is the fifth and final Sigil Hall in the Vesryn Region. It is located in Varlox Cave, north of Zarivar Town, and run by Red. Tesseract and Dive are needed to access this Sigil Hall.

Pokémon Level Moveset Held Item
Pikachu 118 Toxic Tail Glow Discharge/ (Livewire?) Light Screen Light Ball
Blastoise 119 Ice Beam Scald Dragon Tail Dark Pulse Leftovers
Charizard 119 Belly Drum Flare Blitz Outrage Earthquake Leftovers
Venusaur (Mega) 119 Gunk Shot Leaf Storm Synthesis Sleep Powder Venusaurite
Snorlax 118 Giga Impact Rest Ice Beam Sleep Talk Chesto Berry
Espeon 118 Tail Glow Light Screen Baton Pass Psycho Boost Life Orb
  • Note: Despite holding a Choice Specs, Espeon is sometimes free to change attacks due to a bug involving Choice items.

Immediately after defeating Red, you will be challenged by Zeus/Odin. You are given no time to heal, so if possible, heal your Pokemon with items while still battling Red.


Pokémon Level Moveset Held Item
Ninjask 120 Baton Pass Protect Air Slash X-Scissor None
Eelektross 120 Discharge Ice Beam Superpower Dragon Tail None
Metagross 120 Earthquake Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Meteor Mash None
Shaymin 120 Seed Flare Power Whip Earth Power Air Slash None
Divaevus 120 Adapt Extremespeed Tesseract Dragon Pulse None
Gengar (Mega) 120 Shadow Ball Tail Glow Shadow Sneak Sludge Bomb Gengarite


Level Moveset Held


Jolteon Baton Pass Double Team Discharge Agility
Divaevus Adapt Extremespeed Tesseract Dragon Pulse White


Shaymin Agility Seed Flare Air Slash Earth Power
Salamence Outrage Dragon Dance Crunch Zen Headbutt
Escavalier Iron Defense Swords Dance X-Scissor Iron Head
Gengar (Mega) Shadow Sneak Shadow Ball Sludge Bomb Tail Glow Gengarite
Reward: $12000