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Route 1X

Tauri Town is a small town that is situated to the north of Route 1X and is also home to Professor Maple's Pokémon Lab. It does not allow access to any other locations aside from Route 1X.

Walkthrough Edit

Tauri Town features only one real area of importance: The Pokémon Lab in the north. Upon entering the lab, Professor Maple will immediately greet the player and inform them that the disease that they were called to the Aroma Region to investigate is turning some of the Pokémon in the region into Shadow Pokémon. Apparently, while becoming a Shadow Pokémon makes them stronger against everything except other Shadow Pokémon, the Pokémon is incapable of growing and will feel no sort of love towards their trainer until their heart is unlocked.

In order to spare these Pokémon from their fate, Professor Maple gives the player a Snag Machine, an item that does not appear in the bag, but allows the player to capture other trainer's Shadow Pokémon. While normally stealing other trainer's Pokémon is forbidden, Professor Maple seems to believe that an exception can be made for these Shadow Pokémon.

After Professor Maple finishes explaining the purpose of the Snag Machine, he will inform the player that two new teams have been causing trouble for the region: Team Cipher and Team Aqua/Magma. Professor Maple technically never introduces the last villain group, as they introduce themselves as two grunts appear in the lab and steal a machine sitting on Professor Maple's desk before running out the back door of the lab. The player is required to pursue them and battle one of the grunts as the second grunt takes off running while the player is preoccupied.

TIP: Towards the end of the game there is a very important reward given for capturing all available Shadow Pokémon awaiting the player in Ladoga Town. If the player fails to capture a Shadow Pokémon during the Aroma Region's storyline then they will be given another chance to capture that Pokémon at the top of the lighthouse in Ladoga Town once the entire storyline is completed. Be warned that after obtaining the reward for catching all of these Shadow Pokémon, any bonus Shadow Pokémon that may appear at the very end of the game will NOT appear again if they are defeated and not captured.

After defeating the Magma/Aqua Grunt and either defeating or capturing his Shadow Pokémon, the player will return to the lab where Professor Maple will praise their battling skills before informing them that they need to go to the Orbic Cave located on Route 2X where Team Magma/Aqua is likely causing problems as well.

As such, the grunts previously blocking the entrance to Route 2X will have disappeared and the player may progress with their journey in this direction.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Quickball Quick Ball Given by the Scientist in the house to the right of the Pokémon Center
Snag Machine Given by Professor Maple after listening to his explanation of the Shadow Pokémon disease plaguing the Aroma Region

Grunt BattleEdit

Trainer Pokémon Level

Team Magma/Aqua Grunt

261 Poochyena 12
133 shadow Eevee (Shadow) 12
Rewards: PokémonDollar600
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