Treader Town
Special features

Game Corner, Move Relearner, Pokémon Navigator


HM Waterfall, Ancient Tome,
Coin Case, Game Corner prizes,
TM81 X-Scissor

Pokemon given

Game Corner prizes

Pokemon trades

Any -> Spinda


Bug type gym

Connected areas

Route 314, Team Olympus/Asgard Base, Mt. Press

Treader Town is a small town nestled into the base of the giant Mt. Press. Treader Town contains the sixth gym in the Vesryn Region, featuring bug-type pokémon. The Game Corner also attracts travellers from across the world for a chance to win big. Although Treader Town does not serve as a connection between any two towns, it is an essential stop for Pokémon trainers and explorers alike who are seeking to reach the summit of Mt. Press.


Upon arriving from Route 314, the player will find themselves at the eastern edge of town. The door to Mt. Press will be sealed until Gym Leader Avery is defeated. Just west of the Pokémart is a house with a man chasing his Wingull who will give out HM05 Waterfall when spoken to(Aka Mr. Briney from Hoenn) .

Although it's not a necessary stop, the Game Corner in the west will feature several minigames for the player as well as some obtainable Pokémon and TMs.

Just to the north of the Game Corner is the Treader Town Gym which is necessary to further the storyline and to open Mt. Press. After successfully defeating Avery, Team Olympus/Asgard will begin to have a meeting around the entrance to Mt. Press. Approaching the meeting from the gap between the grunts on the west side will trigger an event with Commander Freyja/Athena that will take the player to the Team Olympus/Asgard Base at the cutscene's end.
Treader Town Walkthrough

Once the player trips the event with Team Olympus/Asgard, there will be no turning back until the area is complete.

Upon the completion of the events at the Team Olympus/Asgard Base, Mt. Press becomes available for the player to access.

TIP: Once the player triggers the event for the Team Olympus/Asgard Base, the player cannot leave the base without completing the events or reverting to a previous save. While there are opportunities to heal their Pokémon at the base, it is advisable to only approach the Commander once the player has stocked up on items and has properly prepared their team.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Watertm HM05 Waterfall Speak to the old man chasing his Wingull in the house to the left of the Pokémart
Item566 Ancient Tome Inside of the house north of the Pokémart, speak to the woman in front of the sink to make her move and then gain access to the Tome inside the sink (Note: speak to her from behind to make her move)
Coincase Coin Case Received after entering the Game Corner for the first time
Bugtm TM81 X-Scissor Reward for defeating Avery at the Treader Town Gym

Game Corner Item PrizesEdit

Item Price
Icetm TM13 Ice Beam 4000 coins
Rocktm TM23 Smack Down 3500 coins
Electrictm TM24 Thunderbolt 4000 coins
Ghosttm TM30 Shadow Ball 4500 coins
Firetm TM35 Flamethrower 4000 coins

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
327 Spinda The old man in the house just north of the Pokémart will trade a Spinda for any Pokémon.

Game Corner Pokémon PrizesEdit

Pokémon Price
063 Abra 180 coins
035 Clefairy 500 coins
147 Dratini 2800 coins
123 Scyther 5500 coins
137 Porygon 9999 coins

Special FeaturesEdit

Game CornerEdit

The Game Corner is in the large building just south of the gym. The Game Corner features several minigames for trainers. 

Game Rewards Description
Lottery Items, cash Players can play the lottery in the northeast corner, where a randomly generated number is matched against the Pokémon the player has caught, including those stored in the PC. If any of the numbers match, the player can win prizes, including items and money. The more numbers the match, the higher the reward. Therefore, the more Pokémon the player has traded, the higher the chance of winning the lottery.
Triple Triad Opponent's Triple Triad Cards Players can play the Triple Triad card game in the northeast corner, to the west of the lottery. Triple Triad is a mini-game from Final Fantasy. Cards can be bought from the Triple Triad vendor or won during matches. The man in Treader Town outside the locked house will also play some matches of Triple Triad. The Team Rocket grunt playing the slots will also give a Persian card if spoken to. Beware that the player will also lose cards for losing matches in the Game Corner.
Slots TMs, Pokémon Throughout the Game Corner are slot machines available to play. TMs and Pokémon can be purchased with coins, which players can earn either from buying them in bulk (PokémonDollar1000 for 50 or PokémonDollar10000 for 500 coins) from the vendor in the northeast or by trying their luck at the slots. In order to win money at the slots, players must maximize and match as many combinations as possible.

Move RelearnerEdit

A man that allows your Pokémon to relearn any moves previously found in their evolutionary line does it for a Heart Scale and is located in a house in the northeastern portion of the town, next to the Pokémon Center.

Pokemon NavigatorEdit

In the house in the southeast corner, a man will ask the player how well they know the regions. The answers to his questions are, in order: Kanto, Unova, Sinnoh, Unova, Orre, Orre. The reward is a Phione Triple Triad Card that is usable in the Triple Triad minigame.

Treader Town GymEdit

Bug-type Gym

Gym leader: Avery (the first gym leader to use Mega Evolution)

To get to the Gym Leader the player needs to beat the Bug Catchers and solve puzzles to clear the way to the final battle. Not all of the puzzles must be completed in order to complete the final puzzle. When a puzzle is completed, the red marker will disappear. Pressing back without completing the puzzle will cause the puzzle to refresh, and the next time the player attempts to solve it, the tiles will be back on the two sides of the puzzle. Pressing any button would then clear the path. For the final puzzle, it is far easier to choose the puzzle on the right(as the game prompts when the player attempts to solve either of them). Sometimes, the final puzzle(the one on the right), which forms the picture of Mew upon completion, may look like its complete, but the red marker still appears. The player then needs just to switch the positions of the two middle tiles on the upper row.

TIP: Start with the corners of each puzzle's frame and then work around the edges and progressively work inward. Follow the pictures to see the final result.

Gym TrainersEdit

Trainer Pokémon Level
Bug Catcher

Bug Catcher Vinnie

313 Volbeat 38
314 Illumise 38
Rewards: PokémonDollar608
Trainer Pokémon Level
Bug Catcher

Bug Catcher Ericson

205 Forretress 38
469 Yanmega 39
Rewards: PokémonDollar624
Trainer Pokémon Level
Bug Catcher

Bug Catcher Castro

291 Ninjask 38
292 Shedinja 38
Rewards: PokémonDollar608
Trainer Pokémon Level
Bug Catcher

Bug Catcher Pmok

012 Butterfree 38
015 Beedrill 39
Rewards: PokémonDollar624
Trainer Pokémon Level
Bug Catcher

Bug Catcher Hamlet

047 Parasect 38
049 Venomoth 38
123 Scyther 39
Rewards: PokémonDollar624
Gym Leader Avery


Items: 2x Full Restore
Pokémon Level Moves Items
047Parasect 38 X-Scissor Growth Spore PoisonPowder FocussashFocus Sash
637Volcarona 38 Bug Buzz Fiery Dance Giga Drain Quiver Dance Weakness Policy
292Shedinja 39 Shadow Sneak Curse Disable X-Scissor FocussashFocus Sash
291Ninjask 39 Swords Dance X- Scissor Baton Pass Protect Weakness Policy
589Escavalier 39 Iron Head Iron Defense X-Scissor Reversal LifeorbLife Orb
212Scizor (Mega) 41 Bullet Punch Night Slash Swords Dance X-Scissor ScizoriteScizorite
Reward: PokémonDollar4100, Swarm Badge Swarm Badge, Bugtm TM81 X-Scissor
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