Turkana Town
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Turkana Stone


Thunder Stone, Fire Stone, or Water Stone; Heavy Ball, Plates, Omega Photograph, Stargate

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Route 309

A small town where Arceus is said to have once lived. It is accessed by Route 309 towards the south of the town.


Everything to be done in Turkana Town is to be considered entirely optional in regards to completing the main storyline. However, it is very closely related to various events towards the end of the game, making it worth the player's time to investigate the town's events periodically.

Upon first gaining access to the town after completing the events in Agassiz Town, Turkana Town is fairly uneventful. The player will be able to talk with various civilians to gain items and make trades for Pokémon, but the most commotion appears to be taking place at the very top of the town. At the town's highest point, there will be a large number of police officers investigating the place and preventing anyone from getting near the Turkana Stone. The player will be unable to gain access to the Turkana Stone until later in the game.

Other EventsEdit

After picking up the Toxic Plate from Gradient Cave and taking it to the police officer preventing the player from reaching the Turkana Stone, the police officer will allow them to pass due to the similarities that the Toxic Plate and the shards jutting out of the Turkana Stone have with each other. He will then disappear and allow the player to approach the stone; additional details concerning the stone can be found in the Special Features section of the page.

In addition to the above events, if the player has obtained HMXX then they may use it next to the Turkana Stone to find the Omega Photograph. The player can then take it to Nyasa Town to receive more information.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Heavyball Heavy Ball The first house accessible after walking up the stairs from Route 309
Firestone Fire Stone Speak to the man in the northwestern corner of the house directly below the Pokémart (only one is given).
Thunderstone Thunder Stone
Waterstone Water Stone
Omegaphotograph Omega Photograph Near the Turkana Stone after using Tesseract
Stargate Small indent on the ledge below the platform containing the Turkana Stone (requires Wormhole)

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
360 Wynaut Traded for a Maractus from the woman seated at the table in the first house accessible after walking up the stairs from Route 309
083 Farfetch'd Traded for a Dodrio from the blond man walking around in the center of town

Special FeaturesEdit

Turkana StoneEdit

Once the player has obtained the Toxic Plate the stone becomes accessible. Afterwards, for every time that the stone is interacted with while a Legendary Pokemon is in the player's party, the Turkana Stone will release a Plate of that Pokemon's type(s). For example, if the player has a Mewtwo in their party and interacts with the stone, then the stone will give the player a Mind Plate. Although there are officially 17 Plates to be used in the main series of games, Zeta/Omicron contains 16 Plates by excluding the Pixie Plate.


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