The Vesryn Region is the region in which the two games take place. 

It is a fairly progressive region, containing space stations, a government, and more. It is divided into three sections: The Mainland, to the west; the Chrome Circle, a series of islands in the center; and the Vesryn Spear, a sliver of land to the east.

The MainlandEdit

The Mainland continent of the Vesryn Region is where the player's adventure begins. The cities and towns in it include:

  • Nyasa Town, the player character's hometown from which the player leaves through the Escape Route during the game's prologue.

Chrome CircleEdit

This part of the region is much more of a urban landmass than the mainland. Cities, towns and landmarks include:

  • Ladoga Town, a small town reached by surfing east of Kivu with a shrine in the northeast.
  • Treader Town, a small town at the base of the giant Mount Press. It hosts the regional Game Corner and the 6th Gym Leader, Avery, a user of Bug-type Pokémon and notorious for status effects.
  • Mount Press, the largest mountain in the region. It exudes mysticism, and psychics and similar travelers often try hiking up.
  • Blackfist City, the largest city in the region. Holds the Department Store, a cave Safari Zone, a train station, and the 7th Gym Leader: Demetri, a Psychic-type user.
  • Caspian City, a large city that was flooded and hosts the final Gym, containing Miranda's Fire-types.
  • Huron Town, the last settlement before Victory Road.
  • Yangtze Town, a small coastal town that is home to a watery Safari Zone.
  • Quasar Plateau, the home of the Elite Four and Champion
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