Yangtze Town
Special features

Safari Zone, Delta Temple


Fire Stone/Thunder Stone/Water Stone, Super Rod, Max Ether

Pokemon given


Pokemon trades

Any -> Meowth



Connected areas

Huron Town, Safari Zone 3, Delta Temple

Yangtze Town is the final town that can be visited before the player defeats the Elite Four at the Quasar Plateau. However, as Yangtze Town is an entirely optional location for the player to visit at any point in the game, Huron Town may fit the role of being the last pre-Elite Four town instead. Yangtze Town connects with Route 327 to the east but does not connect with Route 304 at all, despite what the Vesryn Region map may seem to indicate.


A walkthrough is not really available for this area given that there's nothing of storyline importance that occurs here. However, the player should make note of the grassy area on the beach as it will become relevant after the player obtains HMXX. The player may also pick up a Super Rod from a Fisherman in the southernmost house if a Good Rod is already present in their bag.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Firestone Fire Stone Obtained from an older man in the house directly to the south of the Pokémart (only one of the three is given)
Thunderstone Thunder Stone
Waterstone Water Stone
Item506 Super Rod Obtained from the Fisherman in the house furthest south by trading in the Good Rod
Maxether Max Ether Found on a small island out in the middle of the water to the southwest of town

Obtainable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Location
052 Meowth Traded for any Pokémon by the Pokémaniac in the house directly south of the entrance to Route 327


Safari ZoneEdit

Yangtze Town is home to Safari Zone 3, an entirely water-based Safari Zone. While some of the Pokémon there are fairly exclusive, they can also be very difficult to capture. It is also the home of Tornadus.

Delta TempleEdit

The Delta Temple is also accessible after the player obtains the ability to use Tesseract. Though entirely optional to complete, doing so before the player heads off to the last bits of the Vesryn Region's storyline could prove to be extremely beneficial for gaining experience. The reward for completing the temple in its entirety is an opportunity to change Victini and/or Jirachi into their Delta Formes.

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