Zarivar Town
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Special features

PokeSchool and Oak's Lab


Pokédex, Potion

Connected areas

Escape Route, Route 301, Route 305

Zarivar Town is a small, quiet town nestled just outside the Naragex Forest and is the first town reached, right after exiting the Escape Route. Zarivar Town features few buildings and typically hosts few people, however, the attack on Nyasa Town has significantly changed the town as residents fled through the Escape Route. It connects with Route 305 in the north and with Superior City though Route 301 via the south.


After fleeing through the Escape Route, the player will find themselves in the northwest corner of Zarivar Town. Jumping off the ledge into the town will make the Escape Route inacessible, but is the only way forward. Professor Oak's lab is just east of the route, and Professor Oak awaits the player inside. After visiting with the Professor, Rival Jake will be inside the schoolhouse just to the southwest of the lab. Jake will make his way to the lab, waiting for the player to follow. Professor Oak will give the player the Pokédex and will have the player begin their journey to Route 301 in the south. A potion awaits the player in Jake's house to the east of the lab, hidden inside the trash can in the northeast corner of the house.

Zarivar's only encounterable Pokémon live in the small pond on the eastern edge.

Obtainable ItemsEdit

Item Location
Pokedex Pokédex Professor Oak's Lab.
Potion Potion Trash can in Jake's house.

Obtainable Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Location
069 Bellsprout


Given by Jeremy at Professor Oak's Lab. The Pokémon will be at lv. 7.
116 Horsea


240 Magby


Encounterable PokémonEdit

Pokémon Games Levels Chance
072 Tentacool Z O 14-19 60%
223 Remoraid Z O 14-16 10%
458 Mantyke Z O 15-16 30%
Old Rod
129 Magikarp Z O 16-19 100%
Good Rod
090 Shellder Z O 16-19 20%
098 Krabby Z O 15-16 20%
339 Barboach Z O 17-18 60%
Super Rod
120 Staryu Z O 15-17 5%
170 Chinchou Z O 17-19 40%
211 Qwilfish Z O 16-19 40%
222 Corsola Z O 15-18 15%

Special Features Edit

Zarivar Town is home to Professor Oak's Pokémon Lab as well as the PokéSchool which features the first meeting with Rival Jake.


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